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There will always be a soft spot around here for grills. They cook meat, they hold fire, and they’re a good excuse to drink beer — all good things. This completely custom “T” shaped grill built by reader Jmillerid is something of a work of art as boxes-with-fire go.

Created from two drums meticulously cut and fitted to form its shape, the grill then had a place for coals and vents cut in as well as racks and vents. All in all, we’d say it’s a damned good looking grill. Of course, the only way to truly test something like this is to break out the beer and cook something — which we hope Jmillerid does at the first available opportunity.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


7 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: A Sweet T Grill

  1. Chris says:

    I noticed that in the pool earlier and was going to point it out. It’s not a grill, though — it’s a smoker.


  2. jeff says:

    Holy crap, that is a thing of beauty. How does one lay out the curved lines on that to cut out where the barrels fit together?

  3. jeff says:

    Nevermind, I found his build log linked from the flickr pics. Nice job, that things looks amazing.

  4. Gough says:

    What a cool design, well executed. The worst part looks like the grinding to remove all of the paint. I don’t think a sandblaster would charge all that much to do that. Of course, you could go all out and use two stainless steel 55-gallon drums:


    That would up the cost some, though.

  5. Chris says:

    Gough: Hah. Yeah, “some”, where by “some” we mean going from zero to $1500 before the project is even started 😉 Thanks for the link, though — I immediately thought of that when I was reading the build log yesterday and wondered how much stainless drums would have cost.


  6. joel says:

    Yeah I looked into stainless drums… $800-900 a piece! Seems really steep, even with the cost difference in materials. I wonder if you could get unpainted steel drums from the manufacturer?

    I wanted to use the iconic 55-gallon drum for this smoker, but next time I think I’ll start from scratch with sheet metal, maybe even stainless.

  7. paganwonder says:

    Very cool smoker/grill! If not for my morph’d air tank smoker this would be the one to build- maybe I’ll “loan” my smoker to my brother-in-law who never returns anything….

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