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What was normally a 30-minute drive took two hours on Christmas morning this year. We had awful weather here in north Texas. However, when the family finally did converge at Mom’s place I was greeted with a giant smile, a pile of homemade chocolate chip cookies, this little ornament for the tree, and the promise of more to come. I was home.

It was a good year for the relatives to go tool-gift shopping because there’s so much great stuff to give your favorite Toolmonger. Did you get any cool, tool-related loot this year? Post it up to the photo pool — we’d love to see it!


16 Responses to X-Mas Loot: What Did You Get?

  1. perkee says:

    After getting by with a cheapo Radioshack firestarter soldering iron since I was about 12 (just turned 22), I got a Weller station with adjustable power, and it’s a heck of a lot more power from what I’ve seen so far. It’s really a dream to use.

  2. cheerIO says:

    My parents gave me a Bosch Colt router!!! “Pry it from my cold dead fingers” .

  3. rob says:

    I have a nice weller station as well was one of my best investments thus far
    I have built 4 ecu’s for cars with it and countless things have been fixed including my 42″ samsung lcd tv I got just before the holidays for free
    need 6 dollars in parts and I got a mint tv thank you weller

    I also got a hand full of WERA insulated screw drivers I love my g/f she seems to care that I don’t zap myself all day at work

  4. kyle says:

    My grandma sent me money and what my parents bought me with it was a 12 oz can of WD- 40 3 rolls of duct tape 10 rolls of electrical tape and a container of zip ties. I also got a new grinder,
    Crafttsman professional 4 1/2″ I also got a set of craftsman pliers

  5. Sam says:

    I got an all-you-can-haul shopping spree at a scrapyard owned by a friend of my father. Especially fun since he has old hand tools by the 55-gallon drum. Haven’t had a chance to collect yet…

  6. paganwonder says:

    I scored 2 of the most useful items in the universe- duct tape and zip ties!!! Now I can do all things!

  7. browndog77 says:

    As an admitted flashlight junkie, I am very pleased with the stretch light holster my wife got me. Made by NiteIze, it will hold any light from AAA up through D cell. Very sturdy, with a 360 degree swivel belt clip. Using it now with my 2x AA GreatNeck, and it is way better than the leather one that came with that light. See it here:

  8. bdstevens says:

    While mine were “replacements” for stolen gifts previously received, I still scored a DeWalt 12″ double bevel mitre saw, a Ridgid 3200 PSI pressure washer, and 5 flashlights (2 Photon Freedom Microlights, a Photon Pro, a S&W, and a Coast, all red and/or white LED).

  9. B. Foo says:

    No budget for xmas this year. Oh well, maybe next year!

  10. Mike says:

    There was a scroll saw under the Christmas tree for me. I can’t wait to put it together and make some jigsaw picture frames.

  11. kdp says:

    Parts (a seat and a steering wheel) for a Ford 9N. Yum!

  12. Fabian says:

    Got these;

    La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger

    Aoyue 937+ Digital Soldering Station

  13. Tetsubo says:

    I got a Spyderco Tenacious. Sadly one of the screw heads stripped out on me while I was moving the clip to a tip-up carry position. I have sent a letter to Spyderco about a replacement. Still a great knife at a great price point.

  14. jeff says:

    I got a table saw for christmas. It’s a Ryobi BTS21. Like a contractors saw. I’m excited that I can finally start ripping my own sheets instead of having to take them to my parents every time I need to make a cut.

  15. ChuckBlack says:

    Canadian Tire had the welder I had my eye on, on sale one day only this past tuesday. A Lincon Electric Pro Mig 140. Reg: $649.99 on sale for 499.99. Then I got $125 in gift cards so that dropped it down to about $375. This was low enough of a price for me to justify getting it. It comes with everything you need to hook up gas also. I then promptly made a fire in the garage and converted an old office chair into a wheeled stand for my new welder. Good times I tells ya…

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