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What’s almost as good as a wrench with a laser? A wrench with its own flashlight. Each of Bossco’s Hi Beam Light wrenches use two 6,000 mcd recessed LEDs to illuminate either end of the wrench for up to 5 hours with the included rechargeable batteries. You can set the light low beam, high, beam, or flash.

Each double-ended wrench has both a Metric and an English end. To make the wrenches Bossco uses drop-forged steel hardened to 50 RHC and then chrome plates them.

They sell the wrenches in a set of seven with the following sizes:

  • 10 mm — 3/8″
  • 12 mm — 7/16″
  • 13 mm — 1/2″
  • 15 mm — 9/16″
  • 17 mm — 5/8″
  • 18 mm — 11/16″
  • 20 mm — 3/4″

The set comes with a charger that can hold and charge all seven wrenches at once. It retails for $100, but you can get it for $90 with free shipping from Amazon.

Hi Beam Light Wrenches [Bossco]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Look At The Hi-Beams On That Wrench

  1. Old Coot says:

    This just seems so silly to begin with. And even if someone thinks it’s cool, how many drops to concrete or tosses into toolboxes before the candle goes out permanently? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  2. David Bryan says:

    That metric on one end, standard on the other thing is kind of weird. “Emergency flashing provides a signal for help when off road repairs are required.” That’s kind of weird too. And what’s going on in that picture on the right?

  3. jeffrey immer says:

    david it appears the picture on the right that he is using a vastly undersized wrench to fix a sink pipe

  4. Painter Jeff says:

    I hate it when I tighten the wrong bolt because I didn’t have a headlight on my wrench! 😉

  5. David Bryan says:

    Hey Jeffrey. Doesn’t it look like he’s standing up under that sink?

  6. kyle says:

    If you think about these have to be just about the weakest wrenches ever4 made because there has to be a hole ofsome sort in the middle of the wrench with an electrical wire running though it.

  7. browndog77 says:

    Hope they only used spare change to tool-up for this one! Can you say “dollar store”

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