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Several different clamps exist for holding a pocket hole joint together while driving the screws, but they either require you to clamp the workpiece to the table or are large and unwieldly vice-grip like contraptions. Rockler’s new Pock-It Hole clamp is a small, low-profile clamp that only attaches to the workpiece.

Made from aluminum, the clamp is designed to be used with 3/8” pocket holes in 3/4” thick materials. The handle ratchets so you can tighten the clamp when the workpiece is lying flat on a table. The flat jaws applies pressure to the outside of the workpiece and the other adjustable depth jaw applies pressure inside the pocket hole.

Rockler plans to have the clamps in stock by Jan 15th, but if you just can’t contain your excitement you can pre-order them on their site now for $20 a piece.

Pock-It Hole Clamp [Rockler]

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7 Responses to Preview: Rockler’s New Pock-It Hole Clamp

  1. Resq says:

    Pretty cool. I haven’t had too much issue with the standard Kreg clamps but diversity is good in tool-land. Now if they were only $5 cheaper…

  2. kyle says:

    Take a piece of hard wood, dril a pocket hole in it, glue a 3/8 hardwood dowel into the pocket hole, let it dry. Then when you are ready to use it drop it into the pocket hole in your workpiece and use a regular clamp with it.

  3. browndog77 says:

    Kyle- Your process would work for certain applications, but the clamping pressure will be skewed off center (unless you take the time to create a cantilever crib). The real beauty of the Rockler unit is being able to install the screw immediately, then set the piece aside with the clamp in place.

  4. paganwonder says:

    Here I was using the screws to do the clamping- what was I thinking!

  5. aaron says:

    this looked like a good idea until i realized that this is the only type of joint i’ve never used a pocket hole for. the jig wont work for T butt joints, such as for shelving and table tops. bah!

  6. fred says:


    For T-Joints we use Universal Clamp’s #76A


  7. Adam says:

    This clamp looks much better than it performs. Not to mention it’s overpriced for what you get… After hesitating for a while about spending the money on this clamp, I finally bought one and quickly returned it. There are 2 huge flaws with it: the knob is incredibly slow and unintuitive, and it in fact pulls the joint out of flush when you do finally get it usably tight. Seems to be one of those good on paper ideas, but fails in practice. Try one for yourself and then do what I did and buy the Kreg klamp table (the absolute fastest and easiest consumer grade solution to repetitive pocket hole framing).

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