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Some might cast dispersions on a cherry trash bin. We, however, take our hats off to longtime reader Beano for his completed Cherry wood trash can. It’s got awesome trim, nice hardware, and scrolled feet.

For what it’s worth, man, we think there’s no higher calling than tossing convention aside and making handy stuff out of high-dollar material. Perhaps I should begin work on my own black walnut trash bin.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


7 Responses to From the Flickr Pool: Cherry Trash Bin

  1. Chris says:

    Some might even cast aspersions on it. Those people would be correct, at least, if disagreeable :-p


  2. paganwonder says:

    If the wife wants a cherry trash bin- she gets a cherry trash bin. And if you are going to dress up a trash bin you should go whole hog.

    Nic job!

  3. russ says:

    @paganwonder – I hear you clearly and concur.

  4. Esky says:

    I’m interested in finding out what was used for a finish to get that honey tone, as I’m attempting to get just that color…

  5. beano_t says:

    Since it was cherry, I used “cherry” watco danish oil. It was my first time using this product. I found if you sand you project well, this will leave a awesome smooth to the touch finish. It went on easy and I will use this product again for sure. You can find it here:


    I went on to put a poly coat on this as I intend it to be a working trash bin and wanted a little more protection (after it thoroughly dried of course) but the oil finish alone would likely been enough and looked perfect.

  6. paganwonder says:

    Esky- I buy finishes at Sherwin-Williams, I always get the best results from their products- and there doesn’t seem to be much they don’t know about finishes.

    That being said- some of the coloring you are seeing is from the lighting- incandescent light looks very yellow.

  7. beano_t says:

    true, the color is slightly off due to the lighting, it looks more like the sample I posted in the link above.

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