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When I first ran across Black & Decker’s SPT100 powered multi-tool I thought it was some sort of joke.  After Googling it I discovered multiple retailers sell it, yet Blac & Decker seems to disown it — there’s no reference to it on their website. Maybe they didn’t want Stanley to see it.

Designed as an “all-in-one” wiring tool, it strives to replace a powered screwdriver, LED flashlight, live-wire detector, needle-nose pliers, cable ripper, wire cutters, and wire stripper with one awkward tool.

The tool comes with a tool belt holder, slotted and #2 phillipd bits, 9V battery, and manual. You can find it priced around $40.

Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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12 Responses to Believe It Or Not: It’s A Real Tool

  1. Old Coot says:

    That silly gizmo would be a perfect gift under every Festivus tree.

  2. Jerry says:

    Sure looks like something some unwitting wife will have under the tree for poor hubby who will have to make the appropriate “ooh’s” and “ahhh’s” before sending it off to some remote area of the shop to keep his friends from seeing it. Come on guys – act HAPPILY surprised when you open the gift! After all, this little gem of a tool ranks right up there with those heart covered boxer shorts from Valentines Day 😉

  3. Gil says:

    Looks perfect for all those tight areas…

  4. KMR says:

    This would go right into the crap pile with that stupid Black and Decker Auto-Wrench I recieved two years ago…

  5. mr. man says:

    should anything resembling this shape find it’s way into my xmas basket; it will be returned (even if I have to wait in line all day to do it)…

  6. David Bryan says:

    But Jerry, I like my heart-covered boxer shorts.

  7. Jim says:

    You want a chuckle. Go to Amazon and read all the 5-star reviews for the Black & Decker auto wrench. You have to think, who are these people?

  8. Fabian says:

    Why do we have/need all of these Black and Decker Auto-products? Is everyone doing handyman work or mechanical effort in wheel chairs or something..?

  9. kyle says:

    Please tell me that the pliers are not electric. I am sticking with my Leatherman Surge.

  10. David Bryan says:

    Fabian, lay off the wheelchair thing.

  11. Bob says:

    These are perfect for working inside wall cavities. Especially if you let go…..


  12. Frank says:

    Yeah Fabian, just call them cripples.

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