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This is a picture of a tired man. We like this series for several reasons; reader Jason and friend are doing a demo on a house — sweet. And while it’s back breaking work and uber-cool to do, there’s normally a point when you have to start building it back up again. That’s the really fun part.

If you’ve never used a jackhammer, it’s a lot harder on the body than one might expect. Arms and backs wear out pretty fast. Chuck can manage it longer than I can just because of the mass difference, but it’s still not anybody’s favorite. Unless, of course, the other option is a sledge.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


4 Responses to Flickr Pool: Tearing It Up

  1. Kai Howells says:

    Jackhammers make everything a lot easier. I was demolishing a small wall on the weekend. My wife started out with a chisel and a sledge (that’s how she gets me to do something, by starting it and making me feel sorry for her).

    I whipped out an el-cheapo 1100W jackhammer and it made short work of the bricks. Even a relatively small unit like this one is so much easier than doing it by hand… Removing tiles, breaking up concrete, demolishing brick walls…

  2. rob says:

    looks like the saw cut the floor into a grid before breaking up
    with the kango seems like a pretty good idea

  3. wpc81 says:

    it looks like an old brick paved patio that was at some time enclosed to me. you can still see mortar on the back side of some of the bricks in the pile

  4. fred says:

    Nothing like having the right tool for the job. We use electric, pneumatic and hydraulic powered jackhammers – depending on the job. The only thing we’ve yet to try is one of those engine-driven jackhammers – which might come in handy in awkward or remote sites. Any of you toolmongers have any experience with one?

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