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I have always been a fan of the Char-Griller barrel grills. They are super-solid, last for a long damn time, and seem to take a great deal of punishment outdoors without much problem. This Super Pro grill is a little larger than the one I have, but now costs — at least this week — the same as its $99 little brother at Lowe’s.

It’s not a bad deal for something with cast iron grill plates and enough room to cook up a gut-busting meal for a family of four. I’ve often thought about getting this model for the homestead myself but can’t bear to be rid of my faithful “black can” before its time.

Char-Griller Cast Grill/Smoker [Lowe’s]


One Response to Dealmonger: The “Black Can” Char-Griller

  1. thomas says:

    Don’t get rid of the old one. Just increase your chicken searin’, steak bakin’, potato charin’, square footage.

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