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Office Supply Mart (in case you have to repel pirates at the office) has the SOG F01T Fusion Tactical Tomahawk for $34.84.

The Fusion Tomahawk has a head of 420 stainless steel with a “hardcased” finish mounted on a nylon and fiberglass handle. It has 2-3/4″ long blade length (that is the length of the cutting surface on the head) and is 15-3/4″ long overall. This looks like an excellent gift for a young nephew or that barbarian co-worker on your Secret Santa list. Google has lower prices listed, but all those sources are out of stock (who knew it was such a popular gift item?). The Tomahawk’s also available from Amazon for $39.15 w/ SS shipping.

Sog F01T Fusion Tactical Tomahawk [officesupplymartonline.com]


11 Responses to Dealmonger: SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

  1. Pete D says:

    It is in the “Education” section, of course. The days of a smack across the knuckles with a ruler are over. Back talk gets you a tactical tomahawk in the back!

  2. jc says:

    Have you noticed when a company paints something black, it’s suddenly “tactical”, and costs 30% more?

  3. David Bryan says:

    I saw something like this on ebay with a handle long enough to use as a walking stick. I guess that would be a “strategic tomahawk”. I don’t think it was black. It may have been a “Fusion” type of device, though.

  4. Mrten says:

    What would the young nephew be doing with such a tomahawk? (Besides “impressing” his friends, of course). Serious question!

    Wouldnt a simple small axe perform the same woodchopping chores?

  5. Gary says:

    Not a gift for the odd little quiet guy in the corner cube…

  6. Bob says:

    This isn’t meant for chopping wood.

    I think it’s used for winning sports arguments after way too many beers.

  7. B. Foo says:

    What is with “tactical”? Every other frikin thing in every gun publication or catalog is tactical these days. If its black and has something pointy on it all of a sudden its tactical. I don’t even think the word is used in the proper context.

  8. David Bryan says:

    Maybe the “c” is supposed to be pronounced like an “s”, and it’s supposed to make you feel more manly.

  9. buckshot says:

    If it sells product they’ll attach the tactical label to spoons, tampons and toothpaste. If it didn’t work they would stop doing it.

  10. Fabian says:

    Can someone point us to the non-tactical cheaper version of something like this..?

  11. Pete D. says:

    “Can someone point us to the non-tactical cheaper version of something like this..?”

    Knife Center has a variety of tomahawks. If you want to chop wood though, there are better options.

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