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Though I normally don’t construct my furniture exactly the same way they do, I’m a big fan of the Fine Woodworking projects you find in the magazine. It’s what first drove me to start reading them, as a matter of fact. For $10 you can now have 33 of your favorites from the crew at Taunton, aptly named 33 Furniture Projects.

It’s ten bucks worth spending in my humblest of opinions, not because you want a blanket rack or a Colonial Cupboard but because the projects within can inspire you to build something you need or want to make. The best plans leave a little room for you to add your two cents in and make them even more custom than the instructions might call for.

The book is available at the end of January through Taunton’s website, and is setup for pre-order already.

33 Furniture Projects [Taunton Press]


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