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Woodcraft has decided to give us a break and take the ridiculous $85 price tag off their 8-piece set of WoodRiver bench chisels and try to move some units with a $50 sticker price. That’s more like it.

The set includes: 1/4″; 3/8″; 1/2″; 5/8″; 3/4″; 1″; 1-1/4″; 1-1/2″ sizes and they range from 10″ to 11″ in length. The thing that grabs my attention is they come in a fitted wooden box, so it makes for a nice set to have around the shop and you can put them away fairly easily. That’s not enough flair for an $85 set, but $50 is starting to align the planets for a mail-order impulse buy.

The sale ends Christmas Eve, so it’s going to have to be soon if you want to take advantage.

WoodRiver 8pc Chisel Set [Woodcraft]


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