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And, just in time for Christmas, Campbell Hausfeld announces their new line of truck storage solutions. The TruckWrks, available exclusively at Home Depot, comprises a variety of storage options, shown above, aimed at the professional contractor with a full-sized pickup. I’m not a professional contractor, and my pickup is not full-sized, so I’m not likely to buy any TruckWrks soon. Besides, they seem a tad pricey. For example, the Hitch Caddy, intended for compressors or generators up to 300 pounds, is $499, and the Bed Box for long-bed, covered pickups is $2,649. In spite of all that, I’m still a little tempted, just so the next time I go out to help someone with a project, I can easily take most of my s#!$ with me.

To all you Toolmongers out there who do this stuff professionally, how does Truckwrks compare to alternatives?

TruckWrks [Manufacturer’s Site]
TruckWrks [The Home Depot]

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6 Responses to Campbell Hausfeld’s TruckWrks

  1. Randy Carlson says:

    Never got around to this project, but this is how I envisioned making a home-made pull out shelf for my pickup bed. First I’d fill the grooves in my bed liner with marbles, then place a sheet of plywood on top (with anti-sag reinforcing boards–say 1x2s on edge–mounted on top of the plywood). I planned for 2 PVC pipe legs to support the shelf after it’s pulled out (not completely, duh), with nested pipes and multiple holes in the pipes for pins to accommodate uneven terrain. By offsetting the holes, a great many could be drilled to give a more-than-adequate number of choices for height.

  2. Painter Jeff says:

    Here’s my version of the slide-out bed (www.bedslide.com) and canopy setup.


  3. John says:

    Weatherguard makes an aluminum drawer solution I use in my Chevy Avalanche. Street price $650-$1250 dependent on size. Neither as tall as the units at HD, nor weather “resistant” but I make do.


  4. kyle says:

    I like the service bed trailer. Although you could build one out of a service bed.

  5. Jaxx says:

    That hitch caddy could be so much better if it tilted and slided to get the thing upright and down on the ground.

  6. ttabob says:

    No way I would buy anything like this without seeing it in person. Knowing Home Depot……these things will prob come in a Blister Pack.

    Then you take it out of the packaging and realize that the handles are flimsy and the slides are wobbly. When you try to take it back and tell them the quality was not as expected..they look at you with that “but you opened it” look on their face.

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