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Is it even worth planning that garden irrigation system if your spigot can’t produce the pressure you need? Do you need to break it into zones? There are two ways to find out — build it and discover it won’t work, or actually test it and build the system, taking the water pressure into account.

Rain Bird’s water pressure gauge hooks up to your spigot with a 3/4″ female hose thread adapter; judging from the numbers on the gauge it will read from 0 to 200PSI. If your water supply is reading 200PSI you might have an ongoing indoor watering project on your hands to take care of first.

Evidently the Rain Bird’s water pressure gauge is on closeout at Amazon right now where it’ll cost you about $8. So pick one up now for next spring.

Water Pressure Gauge [Rain Bird]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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8 Responses to Under Pressure

  1. KURT says:

    This only gives a static pressure… It does not begin to give any kind of indicator of flow. Yes you may have a good 30-40 PSI, but does that drop to 10 PSI when you open the hose bib? Any if you want your static preesure, you may be able to just go down and read the guage on the well pressure tank or at the meter, if there is one there.

  2. Chris says:

    I bought the same thing except with a useful max needle at the orange big box. It was sold as an overpressure gauge. My problem is low pressure so I took the cover off and moved the needle to the other size of the gauge needle so it did min pressure. $8 is probably a good price I don’t remember what I paid.

  3. Bill says:

    Hey – saw your post and thought you and your readers might be interested in the Amazon Checker.. It basically checks Amazon for hard-to-find products and then alerts you when they become avaliable. It’s called azchecker.com

  4. @Kurt:

    You have a very good point, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t useful. You also need to monitor the flow rate, but that’s the easy part, you can do that with stuff you have around the house. Just fill up a five gallon bucket and time how long it takes.

    My shallow well does exactly that. It produces pretty good static pressure, but once it’s been on for a while the flow really drops. Now my bib attached to city water on the other hand maintains a pretty good pressure whether water is flowing or not.

  5. Chris says:

    These gauges are useful for a couple of things. I use them to check pressure on boilers since sometimes the gauges on the boiler can be off. Use to check water pressure on hot water heater if it blows the relief and to know what pressure to set the expansion tank to.

  6. LennyNero says:

    If you want to measure flowing pressure, just put the gauge on a Y and open the connections and it’ll give you the dynamic pressure with the hose attached.

  7. fred says:


    Having a gauge with a lazy hand will help you spot pressure fluctuations. We see customer calls that result from overpressure surges or pressure regulators that need adjustment or replacement. As you say, water heater relief valve operation can be an intermittant problem and sometimes an expansion tank may not be working for the simple reason that it is full with water.

  8. Jeff L says:

    Friggin’ cool!!!

    but does it have a laser?

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