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This pair of small Klein cutters has been with me since I left home and stole them from my father’s tool bag — with his permission, of course. The thing about good hand tools is they don’t quit easily. This pair has been through hell stripping and cutting wires and now serves another function entirely.

In the last few years these rugged little cutters have been clipping 18-gauge brad nails when they pop through from a badly-placed nail gun shot. The Klein is just small enough to wedge in at strange angles and clip the ends of the brads, and has been doing so with steady regularity for the last two years.

They are also the designated stuff-cutters for the shop and spend most of their time on the pegboard hanger above the workbench. It’s a rare and valuable tool that can’t be put away due to usefulness, and these cutters are it.

Small Insulated Cutter [Klein Tools]
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2 Responses to TM’s 2009 Favorites: Klein Cutters

  1. Cameron Watt says:

    I never used a Klein tool that I didn’t like. My father is an electrician and his toolbox is full of Klein tools. The cutters and pliers are especially nice with their smooth, tight joints; they feel substantial.

  2. Ross says:

    I have always preferred flush cutters to standard dikes, especially for trimming errant brads. Fastcap has come out with an affordable series that have been working well for me.

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