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While this awkwardly-named tool belt looks like a total home run for the safety/rescue crowd, I’d be willing to bet Toolmongers could find use for it as well. With tapered, deep pockets and PVC reinforcement at key stress points, it looks like it could hold pretty much anything you want to strap on.

The information directly from Bucket Boss is thin, but other sites reveal a few more details. It’ll expand to accommodate up to a 52″ waist, and it’s made of “ballistic material” which I assume is nylon. Some sites tag specific pockets as designed for a speed square, nail set, and knife pocket, while others don’t specify. All seem to agree that there’s a cell phone holder and a cordless tool (read: drill/driver) holder included.

Regardless, you’ll find it for around $60 all over.

Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt [Google]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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