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We have yet another toolbox restoration from longtime Toolmonger reader txinkman. This time the Black & Decker box which he was a little hesitant to restore has undergone its time in the txinkman shop and come out looking as good as the day it was made.

I liken txinkman’s ability to fix up old wood tool boxes to those montages where Charlie Brown and the gang wave their arms around and make crappy things look new — except txinkman’s way is full of hours upon hours of work and effort, and Brown and the gang were on LSD having a shared hallucination.

This is positively the best-looking Black & Decker tool chest I have ever seen. It’s too bad they aren’t making these anymore; I’d take this over another stud finder any day.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Flickr Pool: Black and Decker Box Reborn

  1. John Miletta says:

    What a beautiful box, seems to be from the WWI era. The case with it`s finger joints were tested by our American goverenment for the purpose of amunition boxes to be the strongest by far of any of the wooden glued joints. I applaud Txinkman for restoring our American history in the work place.

    Regards, Machinistchest

  2. jo says:

    i like the black decker tool box i have one kind of like it but it has all the original tools in it as well the box i have is made of mahogany. If anyone knows more about the peace i have please send me a email. thanks jo

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