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The latest Lowe’s circular has a great deal on Stanley tapes — and not the you’ll-never-see-it mail-in kind, either. Buy one FatMax 25’ tape for $20 and get this 16’ FatMax Blade Armor tape free.

The discount is taken at the register and the deal lasts until December 17th, so get a move on if you’re looking to score one. The blade armor tapes are particularly cool to have around the shop. We use the crap out of the one around here because whatever else the armor does, it doesn’t scratch the wood on fine projects. That makes it a welcome addition in my book.

The deal is one of those “while supplies last” type of things, so when they run out of either of them (the 25’ or the 16’), the deal is off.

Free 16′ Stanley FatMax Tape [Lowe’s]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Free 16′ FatMax Tape With Purchase

  1. Billy says:

    So, what’s to stop you from buying the 25, getting the 16 free, then returning the 25 next time you go there?

    They’re return policy is extremely liberal!

  2. bob says:

    Hopefully; the way you were raised.

  3. Hi says:

    LOL Good answer!!

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