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One of the big criticisms cordless impact drills get is that constant impact mode is difficult to deal with — it can be a pain in situations where you don’t want impact mode 24/7 but need it occasionally. The new 18v 26618-01 impact driver from Bosch is set to fix that. It has a normal drill mode and an impact setting.

So in short, the impact driver folks who’ve been singing the virtues of the impacter for everything just got their wish wrapped up in a blue and red package. The 26618-01 sports a 2-speed motor that runs 0-750 and 2,800 RPM and in impact mode belts out 1,500 inch pounds of torque for the heavy lifting.

Pricing puts the unit at about $370 retail for the drill, battery, and charger kit according to Bosch. It’s a fair amount of change to throw around for the bragging rights of having one, but it does look like it punches out a load of power, and that’s never bad.

Li-Ion Cordless Tool Line [Bosch]


6 Responses to Preview: Bosch’s 26618-01 18v Impact Drill/Driver

  1. Michael says:

    I have a DeWalt 14v reg drill and it works for 95% of stuff. I have been considering the 18V drills vs the impacts for some time but haven’t gotten off the fence yet. Meanwhile a friend of mine who works construction EVERY DAY
    swears by his Hitachi 14V reg impact driver–it isn’t even lithium ion but 14V is lighter than the reg 18vs—he uses it every day–for everything.

    well, I am going to get back up on the fence, now.

  2. heywood j says:

    I waited until I was able to find a great deal too hard to pass up; back in June or so. Here on the west coast we have Platt Electric Supply (www.platt.com).

    Platt had a special deal on Milwaukee’s M18 line where you could buy the (non-compact) M18 hammer drill with a 1/2″ chuck and it came along with the M18 rattle gun (impact driver). After that, Platt sent from their headquarters an M18 sawzall (mind you I’ve still only spent $360 with tax and everything so far).

    The final nail in the coffin that was my frugality was my ability to send in a coupon after all that where I could get another (!!!!) free tool.

    Final damage was $360 for 4 tools!!! I talked to a Milwaukee rep after that and he said that deal was better than even he could get as far as deals. Def. check out Milwaukee’s deals, they are really working hard to get recognition and brand penetration; they are giving away a lot of different stuff to get more recognition for their M12 and M18 lines.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    Waiting to see a shoot out between the Bosch and Makitas BTP140Z. The Makita also functions as a hammerdrill.

  4. fred says:


    We’ve been thinking about or next replacements / additions to to our Makita LXT tools – and were thinking mostly about BTD144Z’s – but maybe a BTP140Z would be a nice addition – although most of out hammer-drilling tends to be at the large diameter end – with spline-drive rotohammers

  5. PutnamEco says:

    fred Says:
    We’ve been thinking about or next replacements
    It has been my experience that combantion tools involve compromises.

    About the only time I use hammerdrills is for tapcons. I prefer to use two tools, rather than having to constantly deal with changing bits. although if I had a job that I had to do that involved me having a significant hike into, and I had backpack all the tools in, I might consider the BTP140Z or 26618-01
    I don’t find Makitas offerings of cordless rotary hammers very inspirering. 28/36 volt rotary hammers barely cut it.
    As to the BTD144Z, I may be interested in the future if nothing else better comes along, Makita is known for putting less then smoothly operating switches in their tools, so the less switches for me the better. The BTD140 has worked well for me, and I don’t really see the need to upgrade. An educated trigger finger does wonders for controlling the tool, and for finer work there are plenty of 10.8/12 volt options.

  6. kai says:

    After going through many drills and makes starting with old school makita cordless using impact drivers in the last ten years for roofing flooring fencing lots of hard graft and i can say all the blue bosh profesional drills and impact drivers have been spot on and i cant wait for this one .my last one (still going) i’v had for 5 years and was only a 14.4 and had worked untold hours work.%recomended. kai

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