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We reported on Channellock’s interesting 6-in-1 rescue tool a while back, but they’ve since added a second model, this time replacing the linesman-style pliers with a cable cutter — perfect if you need to clip a battery cable. Like the older set, they also feature a gas safety valve shutoff key, a steel punch for shattering glass, a pry bar (for opening stubborn doors or windows), and lots of other handy bits.

They’re just under 11″ long and weigh about a pound and a half. And best of all, they’ve come down in price a bit. We found the new set — called the 89 — for about $55 online.

89 Rescue Tool w/Cable Cutter [Channellock]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Channellock’s Rescue Tool: Now With Cable Cutter

  1. Gil says:

    You know, I’ve never understood why there’s that carbide glass breaker tip on the end there. Why wouldn’t you just smash with the cutter head?

  2. Dave P says:

    This here’s my robbin’ tool.

  3. ff11 says:

    A bit odd for a rescue tool, I don’t notice a seat belt cutter.

  4. Dave P says:


    You’d be surprised at how hard it is to break laminated glass. A light steel tool will just bounce off.

  5. TNSF says:

    I agree with Dave P. Pry bar, glass break, cable cutters = some poor guy’s car stereo.

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