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Right now, Amazon has M-D Building Products 63628 All-Climate EPDM Weatherstrip for $7.15 and it’s eligible for Super Saver shipping.

This Dealmonger saves you money two ways, assuming you buy enough to get free shipping. Once for the cost of the weather strip, and the second because you’re not throwing money out the gaps in your doors. Our old ranch house has large gaps between the exterior doors, so I’ve been trying different types of weather stripping over time; this product looks like it would work well for the gaps I’m dealing with. I’d love to hear what other weather strip products Toolmongers like, especially the best self adhesive types!

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5 Responses to Dealmonger: M-D Building Products All-Climate Weatherstrip

  1. Eli says:

    I’ve been dissatisfied with the adhesive backed foam weather stripping that Lowes and Home Depot sell. I’ve never had much luck getting it to stick where I need it to. It always ends up peeling off and sticking to the door, carpet, etc.

    I’d love to find something that would make it easier to reliably fill in these types of gaps.

  2. Dan says:

    Yeah, self adhesive weather strips only say on if added by staples in my experience. That said, and done, I have tried some that were something like this,if not the exact same thing. Worked pretty well once stapled

  3. Billy says:

    I’ve actually had nothing but problems with these, and will no longer use them. The EPDM foams are so weak that often they tear, even when pulling the protective strip off the adhesive.

    I have found the older foam products to be much better to work with, and I imagine there’s very little difference in performance.

  4. Ted says:

    I’ve used some commercial grade stuff that utilizes, 3M’s VHB urethane tape and it works great. Surface prep is key, sticking to a dirty surface or one covered in flaking paint will lead to tears, but VHB is great, has a nice tack when first applied and get’s even stronger over the next 24hours or so after initial application. It’s used for sticking airplane skins and bus bodies together, among other things.


  5. Brice says:

    I always prep surfaces with rubbing alcohol. That way the paint comes off before the adhesive gives way.

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