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Here’s a great idea I wish GearWrench had thought of years ago: Instead of making all ratcheting wrenches combinations, why not produce some that combine a ratchet with a standard box-end? Besides the fact that it lends itself well to a really slick and marketable name, it’s also super handy when you really don’t want to slip — you know, when you need a standard wrench instead of the ratchet because you’re gonna pull hard on it.

GearWrench currently offers two sets: a 12-piece metric and a 9-piece SAE. Besides the double box-end configuration, these are essentially the same ratcheting wrenches you’ve come to love. Street pricing starts around $125, or about $18/wrench separately.

Gearbox [GearWrench]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Box-End + Ratchet Wrench = Gearbox

  1. johnnyp says:

    FYI Gearwrench is the consumer arm of Danaher , that produces mostly industrial tooling.
    The Gearwrench line is carried by Sears and also has a life time guarantee. I recently acquired a set of socket head cap screw wrenches (Allen wrenches) that I use daily and am quite impressed. The other manufacturers would strip in 2 months time, these I have had for over a year and function just as well as the day I acquired them.

  2. kyle says:

    the only change that I see nesasary is to make the box end a 6 point insted of 12 since 6 is stronger

  3. roger rainey says:

    that would drive me crazy when i needed an open end.

  4. Harry says:

    Gearwrench has larger Gearbox sets out now. Metric runs up to 25mm and SAE up to an inch. One thing you didn’t mention was the fact that these wrenches are extra long. I mean too long for some tasks. However, they are great wrenches. Gearwrench now needs to come out with a flex head version of the Gearbox. I wouldn’t call Gearwrench the “consumer arm of Danaher”. Gearwrench’s line of tools has expanded greatly over the last two years and they are aiming at professional auto techs. Gearwench has great customer service and their tools are well made.

  5. jody says:

    Mac tools has the same thing. Great for harley davidson engine .

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