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I make no secret that I am a sucker for real wood on tools. Better yet, I love the ones I feel like I can actually use instead of the kind that’d make you feel bad if it were banged up a little. These Sheffield gift sets from Lowe’s are headed in the right direction.

What you’re looking at here are cheap Chinese tools with wood on them. I know that; you know that. The screwdrivers won’t last forever and the razor knife will most likely live in the drawer most of the time but it’s far better to say, “I used them all the time and just wore them out” than “Oh yeah, where is that thing?”

If a well-meaning relative is going to spend $25 on a gimmicky tool for you anyway, it’s better to get something you might actually use. Also, did I mention they have wood handles and inserts? Dammit, Uncle Bob, are you listening?

Sheffield Gift Sets [Lowe’s]


4 Responses to Gimmick Gifts Aren’t Always Bad

  1. dano says:

    I actually have the screwdriver set and the box cutter knife. I use it lightly around the house and on my pc. I bought it on amazon a few years back for a lot less then what lowes has it for now. I did see this set last week when I was at lowes. Shocked at the high price tag. I was searching for a nice wood handle set and this was the closes thing I found.

  2. ChicagoBoy says:

    Just saw these are now on sale at lowes for 19.99. Not sure I would buy, but for less than a 20 spot I might now.

  3. pao says:

    you guys must’ve missed the black friday sale, Lowe’s had a wood tool box for $59 and you got one of these sets for free

  4. rjerryc says:

    Looked at these the other day at Lowes. Sales guy asked if I wanted to open the box for a closer look. Of course, I liked that idea. He opened the box and handed me a couple of the tools. I looked at the absolutely nasty quality and said, “Yeah. Thanks.” He replied by saying something to the effect that he had been given a set by Lowes for some goofy award and felt that customers should not be sold on such “junk” unless the price was ten bucks or less. I agreed. For $10 I may have been tempted just to have them for show laying about the shop. For $25, or even $20, I wouldn’t want people to believe I was that much of a sucker.

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