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Buy.com has the Philips PowerSquid on sale for $6.99 with free shipping (as long as you remember to click that option during checkout). This five-outlet PowerSquid (model SPS1596WA/17) has five separate outlet cords (making it easy to plug in wall-warts), a 15A circuit breaker, a master on/off switch, and a power-indicator light. Note that it does NOT have surge protection. TM had a post on PowerSquids almost three years ago (TM 1/24/07 for more info).

Street Pricing [Google Products]
SPS1596WA/17 [Manufacturer’s Site]

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11 Responses to Dealmonger: Philips PowerSquid $6.99

  1. dano says:

    Interesting that tool monger didn’t let my post go through with the mono price link showing how people can make their own squid. Probably because they don’t make money off of that website.

    I’m never visitng this site again.

  2. Toolhearty says:

    Let’s try that again.


    If this doesn’t work, google is your friend.

  3. Rembreto says:

    @Dano: “Easy there Francis…”

  4. dano says:

    Well its the second time they blocked non approved vendors. I’ve been coming here every weekday for a while. I was trying to give a heads up to other tool fanatics. I have nothing to do with mono price and get no kickbacks. They’re a big outlet. Doing a search on my name should go back a while. I’m tired of sites just in it for themselves and its advertising dollars instead of its members.

  5. Rusty says:

    That’s about the lamest make article I’ve ever seen.

  6. mike says:

    Making one tends to cost more than buying one on sale.

  7. Jim says:

    Rusty. I could hardly agree more. Alot of running around and looking to save $6.99 (or not). I just wonder how many people that continually complain about cost actually make any of the items they complain about. Buy the damn squid for $6.99 and save real money by changing your own timing belt!

  8. cjd says:

    That is the most pathetic diy article ever. I’m going to show everybody how to make a 50′ extension cord by plugging two 25′ cords together. Make your own surge protector by plugging in a bunch of three-way’s into a gfi.

  9. Chuck Cage says:

    @dano: Thought I’d chime in here has editor in chief of Toolmonger. We don’t “make money” off any site except Amazon, and we’re pretty clear about that, even explaining how you can circumvent it if you desire. We go out of our way to provide multiple sources in terms of purchase links, including adding a Google Shopping link for most posts so you can find a better deal if one shows up after the original post publishes.

    If your comment didn’t show up, it’s likely because it was caught by one or more of our spam filters. Sadly, TM is inundated with spam — often over 10,000 attempts at spam comments per day. There’s no way we can go through the massive onslaught manually, so we rely on complex filter algorithms. The most common catch, however, is many links. If you limit yourself to a single link per post, you’re more likely to run the gauntlet.

    Anyway, what you read is certainly your choice. But you’re out in left field about us “blocking non-approved vendors.” We have no reason to do so and couldn’t do it effectively even if there was.

  10. Vex FX says:

    I use the Power Squids all the time, but not the Philips ones. I like the ones by Accell/Bits Limited.

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