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Another one of those books that I can’t believe we haven’t covered yet is Guy Lautard’s The Machinist’s Bedside Reader series. So far he’s written three volumes in this series. The books are a compendium of projects, instruction, and stories from the eclectic mind of Guy Lautard. There’s too much in the books to clearly lay out here, but the first volume has everything from an article on a drill sharpening jig for tiny bits to making a sling swivel base for a tube-fed rifle.¬†Some of the articles deal with gunsmithing subjects, others with precision work above and beyond what’s normally done in the small shop. The books are, as the title implies, excellent bedside reading to fertilize the brain for future projects.

You can buy the book directly from Lautard himself, or from a number of sellers such as Amazon.

Guy Lautard [Website]
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3 Responses to A Good Read: The Machinist’s Bedside Reader

  1. Sleazey says:

    Yes, these are great. I’ve got all 3 volumes, and everytime I pick one up, and browse through it, I learn something.

    Lautard has an engaging writing style, you feel like you are listening to an a good friend explain something that both of you are interested in.

    The books are full of great tips, project ideas, real world experience. Any machinist that doesn’t own all 3 volumes is missing out on some great reading!

  2. Ken says:

    Very good reading. I also have all three. The world is awaiting volume 4. He says on his website that it will be coming.

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