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Here’s a very, well, Toolmonger way of opening a beer sent to me by a friend today and found originally on the awesome There, I Fixed It site. Once I finished yukking it up (and wondering why he didn’t just whack it carefully on a workbench), this got me thinking about other improvised tools.

It doesn’t take a shop full of computer-controlled mills and waterjets to make (or modify) a tool to render it perfect for the job. A great example: A while back Sean and I salvaged an old BMW bike, which we hoped we could return to working order. Sadly we didn’t, as the expense of straightening the frame was beyond our meager wallets. But in the original toolkit we made an odd find: a large Craftsman socket with about 2 MM milled from its circumference. We didn’t think about it much until we started to remove the forks and discovered that normal sockets and wrenches didn’t fit. I’ll give you one guess what socket fit just right.

I’m willing to bet that as Toolmongers you do this kind of thing all the time, too. If you get a chance, drop us a picture of some of your quick (or intricate) tool handiwork in the TM Photo Pool. We’ll be watching (and posting our faves).

Necessity Truly Is The Mother Of Invention [There, I Fixed It]


4 Responses to A Countertop Works, But This Is More Toolmonger

  1. kdp says:

    Noting like digging through a collection of old tools and seeing the top half of a a brace only to dig it out and see that the business end has been replaced with a 3/4″ socket.

  2. kyle says:

    if you look back a few pages there is a picture of a can of some thing that has had the lid torn open and there is a hammer a screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers next to the can, pretty funny.

    What i dont understand is if you have the resources to make this wouldnt you have a pair of pliers?

  3. george says:

    looking at the pic, isn’t the guy holding the wrong end ? yes, during my years as a mechanic, one is always modifying tools.

  4. dean S says:

    According to one of the responses to this on the site this is a promo item. “There is a restaurant in Hue, central Vietnam, who is owned by deaf guy. This guy produces such bottle openers and gives them away for his customers, so they would come back some other time. He writes the date on each opener and the name of the restaurant.” Also this type of opener is popular in parts of Africa.
    Afrigadget is a cool blog to checkout for just this kind of subject ,you will see things from cement bag bellows to hacking solar cell bags.

    @george they had that argument on the other site ,from the original poster suranyami”No, that is the correct way to open it. He’s pushing down towards the bottle, which uses the bolt to pull UP, and the point between his hand and the bolt as the fulcrum point.”

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