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Magswitch takes two Magswitches and mounts them to a couple of right-angle plates to make their BoomerAngle Adjustable Switchable Magnetic Welding Angle. They sell two versions of the BoomerAngle: an 8″ model sporting two 30mm Magswitches with 155 lbs. of breakaway force each and a 10″ model with two 50mm Magswitches, each having a breakaway force of 550 lbs.

On both BoomerAngles you can reverse the Magswitches to hold either on the inside or the outside and a round cutout in the face of the magnets allows the Magswitches to hold flat or round stock without marring. The Magswitches have a 180° switch that goes from fully off to fully on and anywhere in-between.

The 30mm BoomerAngle runs about $140 while the larger, more powerful 50mm version runs about $300. RIDIGD also sells their own branded 30mm version at Home Depot for $140.

BoomerAngle [Magswitch]
BoomerAngle [RIDGID]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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