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I know Toolmonger.com is not the only place you satisfy your tool addiction; there are a crap-ton of sites devoted to tools, woodworking, metalworking, DIY, etc. Here are a few sites I like to read every day (in no particular order):

The question, dear readers, is on what other websites, forums, blogs, feeds, podcasts, vidcasts, or tweets do you satisfy your thirst for tools? Did I leave anything out? Feel free to post links, but please just post a single link per comment link otherwise it’ll get stuck in the comment spam filter and someone will have to go wading in after it.

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26 Responses to Reader Question: What’s In Your Bookmarks?

  1. kyle says:


  2. David Bryan says:

    Somebody around here reads kk.org/cooltools pretty regularly.

  3. tedknaz says:

    Are you using Ubuntu there?

    Right now toolmonger is really the only site that I read.

  4. JW says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you TM. I still love you guys though.

  5. JW says:

    If anybody has some links to blogs more geared towards mechanical, like cars would be appreciated.

  6. ToolGuyd says:

    Wow Ben, glad to see that we made your list!

    These are the tool-related blogs/sites I check on a regular basis:

    Toolmonger, CoolTools, CopTool, Ikea Hacker, Make Magazine’s Toolbox, Tool Snob, and a handful of others.

    All I have to say is thank goodness for RSS feeds!

    As for forums, I frequently participate at GarageJournal, GarageHangout, the new ToolsandGarages forum, and check on a few tech and bike related forums.

    I will then check out some of the updates on Twitter by tool manufacturers, retailers, and PR reps.

    After all that, I have breakfast and then search for tool deals and promotions. =)

  7. @tedknaz:

    I write most of my posts on a Kubutu Jaunty machine. Not sure what the other writers use.


    I just pulled a few example sites from my RSS reader for the post (I follow about 30 tool related sites), but if I had to pick a favorite right now (besides the fact I’m partial to Toolmonger) it’d be a toss up between ToolGuyd and Stu’s Shed. You’ve been putting out some really good posts as of late.

  8. PutnamEco says:

    spam bots suck

  9. PutnamEco says:

    Hows is a guy supposed to post a bunch of links

  10. PutnamEco says:

    Nice, asking for links and not allowing more than one link.

    A few off the wall, my favorites lean towards woodworking.

    gizmodo tool-rank woodzealot foldingruleblogspot stormdraneblogspot thereifixedit woodworkingonline toolcritic tomfidgenblogspot toolmakingart philsvilleblogspot dans-woodshopblogspot incidentalwoodworkerblogspot bloglostartpress
    fullchisel:&&&/blog villagecarpenterblogspot. news.thomasnet./news/latest-new-product-news wisdomofhandsblogspot blog.powertools garymkatz toollaunch sippicancottageblogspot hardwareaislethisoldhouse

  11. Gehan G says:

    http://www.owwm.com (old woodworking machines)

  12. ToolGuyd says:


    I’ve added Stu’s Shed to my reader just now as well as it looks like a pretty decent blog as well. It is a bit strange, though, seeing other Stuarts running around the tool world blogosphere.

    As for ToolGuyd, hopefully the best has yet to come!

  13. dexm says:

    No offense, Stuart, but I think your site has a long way to go before it gets
    as interesting as Stu’s Shed let alone toolmonger. The content of your site seems to be mainly junky tools, superficial reviews full of facile judgments and childish observations. Thankfully, you’ve stopped spamming garage forums with your blog posts. I just don’t think that’s cool.

  14. ToolGuyd says:

    Ouch, Dexter. I always appreciate criticism, but this is not the place for it – you know how and where to personally contact me if you’d like to offer any constructive criticism.

    Not that I expect you to contact me. You never did respond to my email politely asking you to explain your baseless accusations that we “rip-off” material and are “parasitic.” You also seem to forget that TG was started because of GJ and for the GJ community so that I wouldn’t have to worry about hard work being randomly deleted just because someone decided to turn a thread into a political debate.

  15. Edward says:

    The first thing I thought of was “Who uses bookmarks”?

    Personally, I’m a big fan of google reader as a way to keep my RSS feeds organized and staying up to date with *all* of my pages.

    That being said:

  16. russ says:

    Thanks for all the links. A few of them I have been too already. I won’t criticize any of them as it does take a work to set it up and to keep it going, not to mention maybe some good hard $$$. I have several in the woodworking world such as lumberjocks and newwoodworker dot com, which has improved over the years with videos of the tool reviews. I forgot to mention woodworkers journal which has links to other sites including one for women in woodworking which can be informative to anyone. I like garage journal – especially the forum which people get to show off what they have, the progress of building shops/garages, and to help others with ideas or how to’s. If you haven’t been to garage journal register for the forum and you will see alot more than not being a register member.

  17. @PutnamEco:

    Unfortunately dealing with spam is a necessary evil. As of this comment the spam filter has caught about 75 spam comments since midnight and that’s pretty light. Even then I send Sean a long list of spam comments that make it through the filter every week or so. It’s time we could be spending writing, or even in our shops for crying out loud. So yeah it sucks, but its reality.

    As for posting links, I’m thinking maybe about posting a follow up with everybody’s site recommendations with links… hell I’m going to be busy visiting all of these new resources, so I might as well make it easy for everybody else too. I just don’t know how I’ll get any work done anymore 🙂


    As long as we’re at it there’s always dead tree publications too, although I don’t subscribe to nearly as many magazines as I used to.

    Right now I get:
    – This Old House (actually my wife does, I wouldn’t pay for it — it’s more like Better Homes and Gardens)
    – Wood Magazine
    – Popular Science
    – Popular Mechanics

  18. tooldork says:

    @dexm – Totally uncalled for


  19. PutnamEco says:

    Benjamen Johnson Says:

    As for posting links, I’m thinking maybe about posting a follow up with everybody’s site recommendations with links…
    Why not make it a poll and let everyone vote on their favorites?

    Re: Spam
    spam filters suck when they filter legit comments. While I’m no spam fighting expert, I might suggest a content based (bayesian) spam filter vs just outright banning posts with more than 1 link.or possibly contracting with one of the blacklisting spam filter companies like SpamAssassin or Eudora

  20. Chris says:

    Benjamen: would this be the same spam filter that lets through at least 50-100 spam comments per week on older posts? I’ve offered to help you guys out via e-mail more than once but it seems all my e-mails have been ignored…


  21. PutnamEco says:

    Could have been another post here with another 20 or so links, but the filter won’t let me post.

  22. Hey Ben – didn’t know you knew my small contribution to the genre even existed, let alone that you read it on such a regular basis! Most honoured 🙂


  23. SharkBreath says:

    Thanks for posting some sites that I didn’t know about. You can never have enough reference material when it comes to tool purchases.

    The only one I can add is: onlinetoolreviews.com

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