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I tried to stop myself, I really did, but in the end I couldn’t resist and just had to put the BernzOmatic® QUICKFIRE® Torch in the Hot-Or-Not category. The recently-released and patent-pending QUICKFIRE® claims a 40% height reduction (compared to “standard” cylinder hand torches), and 30% faster soldering time (via the Ultra Swirl nozzle and the Max Power Propylene fuel in the QUICK-CONNECT gas cylinder). It has a trigger ignitor switch with lock button and adjustable flame control. The QUICK-CONNECT gas cylinder, with its Max Power fuel capable of producing a 3,600° F flame, will also fit all Propylene and MAPP gas hand torches on the market that use a CGA600 thread connection.

MSRPs are $69.99 for the QUICKFIRE® and $6.99 for the QUICK CONNECT cylinder. It was supposed to have been available in all major home centers in North America by November 15.

Does this new torch offer significant advantages? What do you think?

QUICKFIRE® [Manufacturer’s Site]

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19 Responses to Hot Or Not? BernzOmatic QUICKFIRE Torch

  1. Eric R says:

    Saw this the other day at the big orange box. It’s interesting, but $70??? and a 1/4 of the gas/fuel?

    srry not for me

  2. kyle says:

    I’ll stick with a $25 MAPP gas torch but i am just a DIYer

  3. Mark says:

    Don’t all the people who really care use air-acetylene torches?

    This looks like a useless gimmick. I can’t see what need this satisifes that wasn’t served via either a MAPP gas torch with a hose, or an air-acetylene setup. It’s like the worst of all worlds: small tank, expensive to buy, expensive to operate, and less manuverable than all but the largest option (torch directly mounted to tank).

  4. Dave P says:

    Neat for 45 bucks. I’ll wait for clearance time.

  5. Blair says:

    With no apparent compatibility with tanks that you can pick up anywhere(MAPP, or propane), and a price that is way too high for the extra convenience,I’ll stick to the old school units.

    (HF had a nice trigger light type unit for far less)

  6. stellar says:

    @Dave P – Clearance time torch price will be great, but what about finding those tiny fuel tanks?

  7. Blair says:

    DOH! I stand corrected, it apparently can utilize the standard tanks, but it’s still too pricey for me.

  8. fred says:

    @ Mark

    We do most of our work with just an acetylene tank (no oxygen) a hose and a torch head

  9. Bill says:

    Just a thought about the HF torch- be aware these things can leak. Not bashing HF specifically, but quality matters where flammable gas is concerned. I have an older trigger torch, a quickfire, I think, that’s served me well for years. I use it for all sorts of things, but it’s winter job is to get the woodstove started. I leave it in the house without a second thought. We came home from Thanksgiving to a house that smelled faintly of propane, due to a small leak that developed in the torch head. Never occurred to me that a good quality torch would just up and start leaking, and I’m a really safety-conscious type. I’d keep a HF torch in my shed, but nowhere near my house. Come to think if it, I might just store my torch on the porch from now on.

  10. Mac says:

    Looks cool but… $70!?! Not!

    Dave P has deeper pockets than me. ‘Not’ at $45 either.

    ‘Maybe’ at $30ish.

    Like some of the others, if I need more heat, I just use MAPP sans O2 first.

  11. Blair says:

    I too have seen quality torches (as well as inexpensive ones) that leak. I would think that no valve is really infallible. Since I don’t sweat pipe joints all that often I simply store the halve head separate from the gas source.

  12. Keith Gallagher says:

    The 14oz cylinder was comfortable in the hand for ease of use, the Fat Boy cylinder is worthless. This attempt at ease of use by BernzOmatic is overpriced and does not equal what they had with the normal cylinder. My opinion is that of an engineering tradesman and I will not purchase BernzOmatic products again.

  13. Keith Hicks says:

    This is actually a pretty nice torch. I used it for the first time the other day while installing a new hot water heater. Instantly melted the old solder and was very quick with setting new solder on the copper joints. $7 buck cannister refills are no biggie to me and the torch feels rock solid like its built to last.

  14. Jim harris says:

    I have had mine for about a month. Works great. The only problem was that I had to return the first one because I could not get the refill can out. I have since bought 9 more refills because they are hard to find. I use my Mr Heater adapter and fill the empty cans up with propane and that only costs me about $0.25 per refill.

  15. cory says:

    I just bought five of these quicfire torches for just about 8 dollars a piece new. Most are for Xmas presents but I just recently had to use it and I am very impressed with it althouugh it utilizes a smaller tank it still last a very long time. I can’t complain that’s for certainly. Now after owning this tool would have paid 40 $ for it in the store. It is smaller and easier to store in toolbag/ shelf.

  16. CECIL DURONSO says:


  17. Stan Barkdoll says:

    I bought one from Lowe’s a while back. Started on a hot water baseboard project. Lotsa sweat joints. I made the mistake of falling in love with this torch from about the second joint. All was well till the tank ran empty and I discovered that old style threaded connection tanks don’t work with this torch. I went to 3 Lowe’s stores and 1 Home Depot and got blank stares at every stop. Needless to say I’m pissed. After my futile search on Lowe’s site I got the survey box, and told it how unhappy I was. Wonder if I’ll get anything but a bot generated form letter in reply.

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