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Fix It Tools is selling the Powerbuilt 648796 Honda Crankcase Pulley Removal Tool for $21.24.

Used on the crank pulley for timing belt replacement on some Honda/Acura cars, the removal tool holds the pulley and allows the nut to be broken with a socket. While Fix It Tools has the best price (and Amazon w/ SS shipping), the folks at Denlors tools might deserve you paying an extra $9.00 because they have gone above and beyond, posting a great YouTube video showing the use of the tool.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Powerbuilt Honda Crankcase Pulley Removal Tool [Fix It Tools]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Powerbuilt Honda Crankcase Pulley Removal Tool

  1. Adam says:

    If you are going to buy one of these get this one. I have used ones bought off ebay and have rounded out the hole for a breaker bar and twisted the arm until it resembled a noodle. Have not experienced that with these, although.

  2. Beans says:

    I bought this recently from Amazon. I’d recommend buying the valve adjustment tool as well. You’re going to have the cover off so you might as well adjust the valves while you’re in there.


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