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Take a Picquic® multi-bit screwdriver, change the logo, make a few cosmetic adjustments, and — voilà — you have the “new” Stanley® Push-N-Pick™ multi-bit screwdriver (model 69-193). Like the Picquic, the Stanley has seven 3″ long CrV 1/4″ hex bits (according to Stanley’s website you get Phillips #0, #1, #2, and #3, and slotted 3/16″, 5/32″, and 1/4″; but the picture seems to show two slotted, two Phillips, and three square, or Robertson, bits) that are stored in the handle. The bit in the shaft (which has a hex bolster for additional torque) is used to push out the bit you pick from the handle. The Stanley Push-N-Pick® costs around $11.

I wonder if Stanley will rebrand other Picquic screwdrivers? Picquic’s Teeny Turner™ (TM 7/10/09) or Stubby™ would be good candidates for smaller multi-bit screwdrivers.

I think this rebranding is a good thing, as I believe the Picquic screwdrivers are very good and warrant wider distribution. They have a nice heft, and just plain feel good in my hand. What do you think?

Stanley® Push-N-Pick™ [Manufacturer’s Site]
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7 Responses to Stanley’s Picquic Screwdriver Clone

  1. Caleb says:

    I have several PicQuic screwdrivers and they are, hands down, the best screwdrivers money can buy!
    Lowe’s used to carry them but stopped when they came out with the Kobalt screwdrivers. Now the only place you can find them is online and Canada! The issue with the Canadian version is that it does not have a #3 Phillips, but it does have three square drive tips, like the Stanley pic above.

  2. Dan says:

    I like the design and usability of picquic screwdrivers, but their square-drive tips are awful, they’re enough smaller than the recesses in screws that they slip and strip. Otherwise, they’re great.

  3. Steve says:

    This tool is not made by Picquic. Theirs are made in Canada. This is just a knockoff.

  4. Buck says:

    I live in southern California and just discovered Picquic screwdrivers at my local Fry’s Electronics. They had a fantastic deal: one X-7 driver (apparently the new name for the Sixpac Plus) and one Stubby driver for $12.99! Both drivers came with Phillips #1, #2, and #3, two slotted (not sure of the sizes). The X-7 also included one Torx bit (T15?) and one Robertson bit. The Stubby came with two Torx bits. Fry’s also carried the Teeny Turner for $4.99. I agree with the author, the drivers have a nice heft to them and feel good in my hand.

  5. LeOtis says:

    Huge fan of the PicQuic screwdrivers, started using them a few years ago when I bought a couple of carded two packs (X-7 + Multique) that were clearanced @ Lowe’s for about $8. They whale the tar out of any other ‘multi-bit’ screwdrivers I’ve used & my friends who see them, want ’em. It will be interesting to see how the build quality of this Stanley ‘clone’ compares to the original. The genuine PicQuic is ABSOLUTELY one (or 7) tool[s] I would not be without, utterly indespenible. A must have in the tool bag or shop (or both).

  6. EG says:

    I also found the PicQuic screwdrivers at my local Fry’s, though I’ve since found them available on-line too. Great design, solid and very well built, yet compact and light enough to easily carry around for various jobs. If you don’t want to carry a bag full of tools, but want multiple bits in a quality piece of hardware, this is the screwdriver you need.

    Very well made in North America (Canada), complete with a high quality set of well made bits – definitelyh not the cheap crap from overseas that shears, bends or breaks when you push them. Highly recommended.

  7. Robert says:

    You can call this whatever you wish. At the end of the day however, a Picquic it definitely isn’t. Some people who will naively pay what they’re asking, but the comparison is laughable.

    Picquic is probably not concerned about this, nor should they be. Their reputation is stellar. Anyone with first hand Picquic experience knows this. This not only isn’t competition, it doesn’t even belong in the same room with the Picquic.


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