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So you really want to know how much harder a hockey puck is when it’s frozen — ’cause it sure seems like it hurts a hell of a lot more! A quick search on the Internet didn’t lead to much, so if you really want to know you’ll have to resort to using a durometer like the Starrett 3805A Digital Durometer.

Durometers measure the hardness of soft materials like rubber, PVC, leather, vinyl, and other like materials. To use Starret’s model 3805A you simply press the blunt 35° point into the material and read the Shore A value on the display. It can read between 0-100HA with .1HA of resolution, runs on four AA batteries, and automatically turns off when not in use.

You’ll pay around $800 for the Starrett 3805A Digital Duromater, which surprisingly for a Starrett product is actually one of the more affordable models on the market. At that price, maybe a little more searching is in order.

Digital Durometer [Starrett]
Street Pricing [Google Products]

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2 Responses to How Hard Is It?

  1. BC says:

    They can be had much cheaper… Pocket models with 5-unit resolution start at $250 or less.

    When testing Shore hardness, remember that there are several different scales (70A and 70D are two VERY different things) – but the A and D are by far the most common. The A scale is used for softer stuff like rubber, and the D scale is used for harder thermoplastics, etc.

  2. Ted says:

    Inexpensive option:


    Measures up to 100A, roughly the hardness of a hockey puck at room temperature. Gages should be sent out for annual (or more frequently depending on your ISO rules) calibration like torque wrenches, but this cheapie is fine for home or motorsport use — good for sorting through used race tires.

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