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Right now, Amazon has the Rousseau 4004 Reusable Batter Board System on sale for $56.20 with free super saver shipping.

Batter boards are the primary reference when laying out a foundation, so a system like this that seems to make it easier to set up and lay out the foundation lines is a useful one indeed. Each “batter board” is put roughly into place, then adjusted for height. Then the string is tied to the slider and the slider is slid until the lines are square (or not, depending on the complexity of your foundation).

Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Rousseau Reusable Batter Board System

  1. Will says:

    I’ve seen these before and after fussing with wooden stakes too many times and being to cheap to shell out $100 bucks (you need 2 sets of four) plus the cost of the “not included” 3/4 forming stakes, I made my own:

    * 2′ rebar from big box store
    * scrap 2×4, cut 24″ long (pt if it will sit outside a lot)
    * some thumbscrews

    drill holes through the top of 2×4 about 1.5 inch in from the end, use a bit slightly larger in diameter than the rebar. halfway down the side but centered to match the rebar hole, drill a hole slightly smaller than the thumbscrew threads. Build a slider using two pieces of 1×4, with a 2×4 and a small shim sandwiched between. Use a thumbscrew like before to lock it in place.

    Assembly is self explanatory.

  2. fred says:

    When we are cast in the role of a GC – we usually have our foundation contarctor take care of these issues – but the tool looks ineteresting.

    Another interesting thing is that Amazon offers the 4 pack for $59.16 – or $118.32 for 8 if you buy 2. but for $1.01 more you can buy an 8 pack ($119.33) from Amazon – now that’s what I call a discount!

  3. kyle says:

    some steel and my welder and I can make it pretty easily and low cost

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