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I love this wrench posted by Toolmonger reader Whiteforge because it reminds us that we’ve been trying to come up with bigger and better wrenches for a long time. If the caption on the image is correct, this “Any Angle Wrench” was designed in 1916.

So for the better part of a hundred years, we haven’t come very far in adjustable wrench innovation. Folks tinkering around the shop the same time WWI was going on wouldn’t have any trouble identifying wrenches of today. I find that fascinating. Nice find, Whiteforge.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


4 Responses to Antique Tools: Any Angle Wrench

  1. rjerryc says:

    If you really want one of these for your own collection, I checked E-Bay and there is actually one there. Not mine.


    Need a gift for that tool crazed person in your life? I think there is only about a day left. A little spendy in my opinion though.

  2. Paul says:

    I met a guy while buying some stuff on craigslist, a old mechanical engineer, we got to talking tools and he showed me a collection of wrenches his dad had patented in 1903, the first adjustable wrenches with beveled gears so putting pressure on the teeth while turning a bolt wouldn’t open the wrench, which was apparently a big problem with the adjustable wrench in its infancy. Thought it was kinda cool, I tried to get him to sell me one of the patent prototypes, he had about 20 of them but no dice.

  3. J. Chris says:

    I love the old any angle wrench.I lost one in a bidding war last year on eBay it went to $76.00 this time I slammed the bid for $103 max and won it for $26.00
    Then I Did the Snoopy Dance. Now in 2013 I own it!!!:)

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