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Need extra space for your shop? Or maybe an extra room for those holiday guests, but a tent seems a little chintzy? Then you might want to try a Concrete Canvas Shelter™. Setting it up, as shown in the pictures above, is as simple as rolling it out, inflating it, hydrating it, and waiting 24 hours for it to cure. The resulting structure is fire proof and has a design life of 10 years. The basic material for the shelter is a concrete-impregnated fabric bonded to a plastic liner. Their CCS25 model provides 25 square meters of space (5.0m long × 5.6m wide × 2.6m high). The company also makes Concrete Cloth™ — bringing new meaning to the term “concrete overcoat” — which has a variety of applications including ditch lining, slope protection, and sandbag reinforcement.

Concrete Canvas Shelter™ [Manufacturer’s Site]

11 Responses to How-To: Extra Shop Space

  1. Cool, but why is it only designed to last 10 years? Does it have to do with the fact it’s not steel reinforced?

  2. Gordon DeWitte says:

    @ Benjamen

    Their web site says “minimum” ten years. Guess I should have included that adjective. I cannot find why it’s ten years. It can be covered with earth or sand (bermed) to “provide protection against small arms fire and shell fragments”. That could come in handy during hunting season…

  3. Jaxx says:

    Is this the same system that appeard on dragons den in the uk at the start of the year? It seems to me that it lasting 10 years is so they can sell you another one rather than supply renforcement hoops.

  4. Aaron says:

    Perfect for an emergency shelter that needs to last more than a week in areas that get adverse weather. I wonder how much they cost?

  5. Dave P. says:

    Shipping from the UK is probably not cheeep. Which is too bad ’cause this seems rad.

  6. Pepster says:

    My thoughts on the ten year life: The material is much thnner than if you were to build this from conccrete without the “Cloth” innovation. It will likely suffer fatigue and cracks much sooner.

    There are some other neat uses for the cloth on their site. Ditch lining looks very useful.

  7. paganwonder says:

    The product hasn’t been around very long so longevity hasn’t really been tested. That being said- if the price on this is close to reasonable it could be a winner based on savings in construction labor, 24 hours from crate to secure, weather tight storage- too cool! My better half will demand that it be “prettied up” if she has to look at it.

  8. @paganwonder:

    My better half will demand that it be “prettied up” if she has to look at it.

    Throw some sod over it and tell her there are Hobbits living there 🙂

  9. OLD AS DIRT says:

    This would be GREAT after a hard day of hunting when the boys get all tanked up and start getting rowdy. .20+ alcohol level

  10. OLD AS DIRT says:

    leave it as is if she doesn’t like the way it looks too bad who’s the ROOSTER.

  11. cheerIO says:

    Well, just got a response from the US distributor:


    CCS25: $24,900.00 Plus tax

    CCS54: $29,600.00 Plus tax

    I thought one of these would be really neat. But I could build a hell of a shed for 25 grand.

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