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Are there any RotoZip® users out there? Every time I see one the toolaholic side of me says “Hey, that’s a neat tool. We don’t have one of those.” But then my damn rational side chimes in with “Ahh, it’s not cheap, and we really don’t do much dry wall work.” To which the toolaholic side replies “OK, how about a nice little trim router then? Sean’s got one (TM 11/25/09).” Meanwhile my flashlight-ophile side and the gadget nut in my it’s-getting-crowded-in-here brain are apparently out to lunch because they don’t say a blessed thing.

Anyway, if I had a RotoZip®, I think the Flipbit, shown on the right in the above picture, would be a useful accessory. It’s a v-groove and roundnose combination bit. Toolup.com currently has it available for $18.59. What’s the good word in Toolmonger land on RotoZip®s, and on this bit in particular?

RotoZip® [Manufacturer’s Site]

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6 Responses to Hot Or Not? RotoZip Flipbit

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    tooliday.com has reman’d rotozips for sale often, i have one with a diamond wheel and love it

  2. Painter Jeff says:

    I have a RZ along with a Dremel w/some attachments. And…..while they don’t get used daily, or even weekly, they certainly have a place in my tool collection. You know, when you say “damn…wish I had a RZ for that” and you do! I tend to use the RZ mostly with the diamond blade and ceramic bit, but if I did mostly woodwork, the flip bit looks interesting.

  3. Kurt says:

    Here is an idea – why doesn’t somebody make a 1/4″ shank roto-zip style bit to go into laminate trimmers?

  4. DDT says:

    With enough drywall experience – the drywaller is the rotozip.

  5. browndog77 says:

    A couple of disposal switches installed in tile back-splashes makes th RZ a must have item! As for using zip bits in a trimmer, that’s trimmer abuse. Use the right tool.

  6. dar says:

    Agreed- RZ rules

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