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Amazon has the Ridgid 31385 6-Inch Heavy-Duty Compound Leverage Wrench right now for $511.98 with free shipping.

Okay, maybe this is a tad odd for a Dealmonger post, since the odds are that you don’t need a wrench this big, and if you do, you probably already have one, but this wrench is just too beautiful to pass up talking about. It will open up to accept 6″ pipe and uses a compound linkage to multiply the force, though we’re not entirely sure how that works. Come to mention it, it seems to have a third jaw and a bit of chain in addition to the standard pipe wrench jaws. Possibly it has a chain clamp on the backside that acts as a fulcrum for the lever to act on. Come on guys, you’re trying to sell a $500 wrench; give us some details!

Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Ridgid Compound Leverage Wrench

  1. Toolhearty says:

    I’m still trying to get past the “$500 wrench” part.

  2. fred says:

    This seems like a very good price for this wrench. I’m sure that our set of 2 – 1- 4A and 1-6A probably didn’t cost this much together when we bought them 20 years ago – but hey that’s progress. These are terrific fore breaking free large threaded steam lines – when cutting the pipe clear is not a good option. They work weel for 2 reasons – 1: the chain captures the pipe preventing slippage and 2: the pivoting fulcrum gives you a bit more leverage. The only issues with these is that they don’t have the “ratcheting” effect like other pipe wrenches – beacuse of the geometry and the chain – and they are heavy (we never bought a 8 incher because it weighs nearly 70 lbs.)

  3. Billy says:

    Where’s the laser on this thing?

  4. Jerod says:

    I have a “Super – Six” and agree it is a goto tool when you need it. There is a chain pipe vise that fits into the handle and creates the fulcrum for the pipe wrench jaws to pivot against.

    i also have a Super – Two that I found without the vise, which is $98 for the replacement parts alone.

  5. browndog77 says:

    Geometrically speaking, the only force compounded with this tool is the grip on the pipe. It is still a single lever and the fulcrum point will always be the center of the pipe. Nice tool, though.

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