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We’ve previously written about Painter’s Pyramids made by K&M of VA, Inc.  Now they’ve incorporated twelve of their pyramids into a 16″ rotating table to make a finishing turntable.

Six pyramids ride on a rail around the circumference of the table and six more ride on rails that run from the center to the edge. This arrangement allows you to arrange the pyramids to match the bottom of most work pieces. The three-pound table can support up to 100 lbs.

The Finishing Turntable retails for about $50, but you can pick it up on sale at Hartville Tool for $45, plus $9 shipping of course.

The Finishing Turntable [Corporate Site]
The Finishing Turntable [Hartville Tool]
The Finishing Turntable [Rockler]

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3 Responses to Turntable With Integrated Painting Pyramids

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Can anyone say lazy susan with some painting triangles…..

    I still use some 2x material with nails driven in it so the points hold my work.


  2. ttabob says:

    That looks retarded.

    I count 12 “pyramids”, an upside down plastic garbage lid, some abs plastic tubing…..and the thing looks like a submarine bulkhead door………all that for a four legged end table to be stained……with the oh so original “Oak”.

    America………..your values are mirrored by the crap you purchase.

  3. ShopGirl says:

    Sure, I could make my own turntable. But I don’t really want to leave wood with nails sticking out of it laying around my house.

    I think it’s an ingenius idea that frankly I wish I had thought of first. The men in my life are constantly complaining about having to wait overnight for coats to dry so they can flip their table or chair or bench over and finish the bottom. This will make a great Christmas present for them and save me from listening to all the complaints!

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