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It’s like the Military Channel has reached in and given me a great gift — 24 hours of tanks. My Tivo will be overflowing with armored goodness Thursday. The Military Channel’s Tanks-giving may be a cheap gimmick, but in this case I’m down.

As some of the long time Toolmonger readers know, I’m a little obsessed with tanks. Okay, I’m a lot obsessed with tanks, but still, instead of the same ole’ football games I see every year I’m going to be watching heavy armor and tracked war machines with the family while recovering from my tryptophan coma.

Tanks-Giving [Military Channel]


3 Responses to Tanks-Giving Thursday

  1. Zachary says:


    This looked awesome and will be the backdrop at our house all day. However, its gonna have to take a back-seat for an hour whilst we bear witness to a televised event that’ll get your average toolmonger even more excited than tanks:

    Science Chanel PUNKIN CHUNKIN!!!!!!!

  2. Kurt says:

    Some of the guys I run my ship models with also build r/c tanks – check out this link:


  3. Eddie says:

    Tanks for the memories

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