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Designer’s Handbook: Steel Wire is an out-of-print publication of the American Iron and Steel Institute. The book is a short introduction to designing products with steel wire and wire products.

Chapters cover the manufacture of steel wire, classification, and specifications. Then there are a few chapters of design considerations and study, the four-slide machine, swaging, piercing, cold forming, etc. Welding is covered as well. We get details of mechanical joint design, spring design and case studies as well as the use and production of wire cloth. There is even a chapter on the use of wire in “modern” art (this book was published in 1974 after all). All in all, it’s an excellent introduction to a form, rather than a type of material we often take for granted in our projects! The book is available inexpensively on the used market such as Amazon with prices in the range of $1.00-$15.00. I think I picked up my copy at a used book sale for a buck.

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  1. Trevor says:

    That’s the second great book recommendation recently. I picked up a copy of the book on mechanical designs, and all of my DIY co-workers wanted their own as soon as they looked through mine.

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