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It may look like just another angle grinder, and the motor spec certainly looks similar. But this tool’s designed with one purpose in mind: cutting through masonry in a nice straight line. Fitted with a 5″ segmented diamond blade, it’ll cut up to 1-1/4″ deep — perfect for trimming up concrete, brick, or tile.

Hook up an efficient vacuum to its dust collection port and Hitachi claims you’ll capture up to 95% of cutting dust, which often contains particularly nasty silica particulates. Besides that, you’re looking at a pretty standard set of features: a locking power switch, tool-less cover removal and blade replacement, a spindle lock, and a handle that removes and re-attaches to accommodate lefties.

Street pricing starts around $180.

CM5SB 5″ Concrete Masonry Cutter [Hitachi]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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  1. fred says:

    We use a Bosch 5 inch “Tuckpointer” Grinder #1775E for a similar purpose.
    While we have found it to be a sometimes over-aggressive tool for its intended purpose – it is not a bad small masonry and stone saw when fitted with one of the Bosch optional blades: DB561 (general purpose), DB564 (for hard stone) and DB568 (for Marble). We like it with the DB563 blade for cutting slate. Bosch also has a vacuum attachment – which is more or less effective.

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