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This might make the perfect gift for a brand-conscious tool friend this holiday season. This flashlight and knife kit (on sale at Costco this weekend) includes all the necessities: an aluminum barreled, xenon-bulbed two-AA light, a miniature AAA model, and an aluminum-bodied folding knife — and, of course, the Snap-on brand prominently on display.

Admittedly, you can probably get more flashlight (and/or knife) than this for $18. And since I’d imagine few are likely to return it, the “lifetime warranty” stamp on the box doesn’t mean much to me. (I’m guessing your local Snap-on truck driver would laugh if you showed up with one of these for exchange.) But hey — some people love this stuff, and if you’re giving a gift it’s not all about you, right?

If you’re interested, hit your local Costco for more info.


6 Responses to Snap-on Branded Light/Knife Set From Costco

  1. Caleb says:

    I bought this set for a friend of mine who is a Snap-On junkie and he loved it! the knife is really great.I saw the knife for sale at Smokey Mountain Knife Works for $19 by itself!

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve checked that out before at Costco, and it seems like such junk to me. I guess they’re just hoping the Snap-On name is going to get it sold.

  3. Jerry says:

    It just gets worse every day – every well known brand out there is selling their name. Sure, sometimes they get the name put onto something of quality but it seems that more and more “junk” is showing up with a name that once indicated quality.

  4. fritz gorbach says:

    I am normally a defender of Snap on when discussion comes to cost, quality or service, but this stinks. Snap on has been liscensing products for some time now, and this practice both devalues the tools as a “nameplate” iinvestment for the professional, and serves to dupe unwitting consumers who feel they are buying a piece of snap on quality at ridiculously low prices, which they are not. This is bad business, and if I were a dealer out there busting my ass for the brand, I would be furious.

  5. Julian Tracy says:

    I’ve seen it at Costco – junk! Might as well say “Alltrade”. Probably made by them anyways.

    At least when Festool makes small crappy items – they are fairly high quality. When they put their name on a level – it’s a Stabila level.


  6. Richard says:

    I bought one. In 7 months I’ve had to repair the flash light (now dead) once even though it hasn’t been used much. I’ve used the screw driver blade from the key fob once for an emergency repair. Blade twisted first time. The knife is a cheap one that doesn’t hold an edge well. Was very disappointing.

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