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The FISKARSĀ® model 0232 Multi-Snip, with its stainless steel blades (serrated on one side, as shown above, to help hold items), easily cuts a variety of materials in the shop, home, and garden including cable, cloth, carpet, cardboard, leather, linoleum, branches, “and more.” I have also found it also does a great job opening those sealed !*%@# clamshell packages that enclose so many products. The joint tension is adjustable, the molded handles are spring-loaded, and the blades can lock closed until you pull the orange-tipped thumb-release lever. All in all, it’s a very handy and small-sized snip that will only cost you around $10.

Fiskars, by the way, is celebrating their 360th anniversary.

Fiskars [Corporate Site]
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7 Responses to Fiskars Multi-Snip

  1. river1 says:

    and they are made in the USA

    later jim

  2. freddy says:

    Is that right? Made in USA?

  3. Gordon DeWitte says:

    The one I have has “STAINLESS TAIWAN” printed on one blade near the hinge. Don’t know if that means the stainless is from Taiwan, or if it’s stainless and made in Taiwan.

  4. river1 says:

    the Amazon page for it says it’s made in the USA. other then that i don’t know.

    later jim

  5. fritz gorbach says:

    Got a similar pair of Fiskars, as well as several scissors and some garde tools, and they are all excellent products at a reasonable price. And their warranty, as I understand is rock solid. I badly kinked the blade on a folding pruning saw when the kerf of a branch I was cutting jammed, and all it took was one quick note and the new blade was at my door a week later.

  6. KoKo says:

    FWIW, the best tool I have found for opening plastic clamshell packages is a pair of crash scissors, the cheap kind made of stamped stainless, with the blades offset to lift the handles out of the cutting line. Old ads for them showed them cutting a penny. $2, and mine have lasted years.

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