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Amazon has a great deal on the Werner 16′ Multi-Master ladder: $164.00 with free super saver shipping.

The Multimaster is a 16′ ladder¬† that has multiple functions (from the Werner website): double stepladder, stepladder, stairwell ladder, multi-shelf, stand-off ladder, fully extended straight ladder, 1/2 & 3/4 length straight ladder, self-supporting scaffold, extended span scaffold, stairwell scaffold.

Basically it has four jointed locking sections that can allow it to be used as a straight ladder, a stepladder, or scaffolding. The other functions are related to the adjustability in height and angle. Marketing hype aside, it does seem to be a versatile product and may well be the only ladder you need for the majority of tasks inside and out. It has a 250 lb. load capacity (which means that several of our contractor friends would be overloading it…)

Werner M1-8-16 Via Amazon [What’s This?]


13 Responses to Dealmonger: Werner 16′ Multi-Master Articulated Ladder

  1. Dan says:

    I have one of these and it is great. Not light but very handy.

  2. karl says:

    I still have a big scar from climbing up and falling into the middle of one of these as a kid. There’s a great video on youtube of a guy from the home shopping network getting wrecked by one of these.

    You couldn’t pay me to use this ladder.

  3. russ says:

    I had one for years. Dan is right it is not light but it is a good built ladder. Mine had the round rungs on it which were uncomfortable and kind of slippery. Once I inherited an extension ladder with flat rungs I sold this ladder, bought a step ladder, and had money left over.

  4. Fredb says:

    I’d have nightmares about needing the jaws of life to get me untangled from that thing.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    I have one of these.. yes its a little heavy but for around the house it is great. A true Jack of all trades. Great for a short scaffolding, nice balance with the long legs on one end, and way more affordable than the wonder-ladder seen on tv. I would recommend this to any new home owner. versital and can handle all of your needs.


  6. OlderThanDirt says:

    The Little Giant ladder is the best and its good for 350 lbs.

  7. ttabob says:

    If you look closely……..this particular ladder model is not the extendable kind. It is a folding model only. It does not adjust by sliding up and down. Not particularly useful for either the pro or home owner.

    I agree, I used the deluxe little giant at an old job……..almost every other day for 5 years, and it worked great. The fact that they pack up to half their working size was the big plus.

    They are heavy, but using them requires leverage and not brute force, It looks like an infomercial quasi-dance every time you unfold the thing if your good at it.

  8. Brau says:

    I have an ultra-light sliding ext.ladder/8ft stepladder and love it, but I just can’t see much use for an articulating ladder. Mostly I use the sliding stepladder feature to set up on stairs, but the ladder shown here (3′ sections) simply would not work as well. I would never stand on a “scaffold” so narrow, nor can I see myself needing a ladder in the shape of a worm. It does fold down nicely for compact storage and reduces to a small four-footer – something my current ladder doesn’t.

  9. jeffrey immer says:

    i like the slide out collapse able one i have from werner a cheap man’s little giant, but these type are straight garbage, i remember when they first came out in the eighties. a deathtrap for sure

  10. jeff says:

    I have one and it does work well for the functions it lists. Like others mentioned above, it is turbo heavy but is easy to store. I swing it up between the rafters in my garage in it’s 8′ form with a couple lag hooks and a rope.

  11. JdoubleH says:

    Heavy is only the half of it. I had one for years and cursed it every time I tried to use it. I never found any situation where it actually provided any useful function a straight or stepladder could have handled with much greater ease and much less complexity or weight. It stank as scaffolding due to the narrow and unstable base on the ‘top’ end. Unfolding and re-folding was a deeply frustrating exercise. Most attempts involved five minutes of pointless folding and unfolding only to realize that it just wouldn’t do quite what I had hoped. Using it also generally involved physical pain, whether it be pinched fingers, bruises, or just plain old back strain. It also takes two to three times the floor space of any conventional ladder to store. The fondest memory I have is the day somebody took it off my hands -and paid ME, not the other way around!

  12. Dan says:

    I was considering buying one of these, because I have to do some work in the middle of my basement stairs. For those who don’t like this option, what would you recommend?

  13. owen_mshengu_sharif says:

    I used one of these for 12 years at work. No-one else – not even the maintenance man would touch this fearsome looking ladder – the best I have ever used in all my 55 years of indoor/outdoor housework (now 65). Heavy yes – but bloody sturdy. If it’s too fearsome – dangerous looking or threatening – then I suggest these wimps go and work in a bakery shop. But, coming from Africa where we live dangerously – this ladder still tops anything I have ever used. I’m now going to try and buy the one from my previous workplace. Do I hear $50.00 – how about $30.00!

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