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As I mentioned recently in my Kitchen Tool Drawer post, the Easydriver is back (“and it’s IMPROVED”). The $29.95 Easydriver gift set (shown on the left in the picture) has the Easydriver ball with three shaft lengths (3″, 5-½”, and 7″), the Mini-Easydriver ball (shown in use on the right in the above picture) with 3-¼” shaft, and six standard ¼” hex bits (two #1 Phillips, two 3/16″ slotted, one #2 Phillips, and one ¼” slotted). As with most other standard ¼” hex bit holders, I’m assuming you can use these without bits as ¼” nut drivers. Each ball is a ratchet driver that you simply flip over to reverse the action. The tools are American made and have a lifetime warranty.

Many years ago I either bought or was given the original Easydriver. This version did not use standard hex bits: It has a simple shaft with a slotted screwdriver on one end and a Phillips on the other. Nevertheless, I did find it useful, and I still keep it in the kitchen tool drawer. The ball ratchet driver seems a bit easier on my wrist than other ratcheting screwdrivers in some situations, and I like the sound the ratchet makes.

What do you think? Would you want one? Would it make a good Christmas gift? Let us know in comments.

Easydriver [Manufacturer’s Site]

51 Responses to Easydriver Set

  1. uqbar says:

    I have an original Easydriver also – I can’t remember when I last used it, but somehow I can’t seem to part with it. Yes, the ratchet does make a nice sound – the grip is easier on the wrist, but I don’t feel like I have as much control as I do with a standard grip. On the other hand (no pun intended), the ball grip does make it much easier to apply pressure on the screw head. If I was going to drop $30 on a screwdriver, I don’t think this would be the one.

    • Michael says:

      Hello Uqbar,

      If you’d part with your Easydriver and if it’s in good shape, I’d be happy to buy it. Let me know if you’re interested in selling, please.


      findmike at hotmail

  2. ToolGuyd says:

    While I would enjoy receiving one, I probably wouldn’t buy one any time soon. I saw these drivers online a few months ago and was about to order a set. But, I then questioned why these drivers are not sold by major distributors or retail outlets, and my hesitation got the better of me.

  3. ShopMonger says:

    I have one like this, but not the exact one. I use it often enough that i would buy another one…. I like ratcheting driver sets…


  4. Fred says:

    Sorry to say I have owned two of these. Both failed after light and short use. The rachet stopped working in one and the tensioner would not hold the blade in on the other one. If it doesn’t work, it’s not worth 3 cents let alone a ridiculous $30!

  5. Dave P says:

    Many moons ago, my father had one of these. I spent hours as a youngster trying to figure how to turn on the lightbulb inside of it. I guess I thought anything made of colored transparent plastic must, somehow, illuminate. Hours of frustration. I don’t remember if I gave up, or if I realized that my premise was faulty…

  6. johnnyp says:

    I received one as a gift back in the seventies. Did not like it at all. The ball does not give you the grip that you would think. Ratcheting is just a novelty. For $5 buy a multi tipped
    screw driver with all the tips stored on board

  7. fritz gorbach says:

    I hope you don’t mean all ratcheting screwdrivers are a novelty, because I don’t think you’ll find a pro who doesn’t swear by one or the other. ! Anyhow, my grandpa had something like this that he loved, and I might get one, except 30 bucks puts me halfway to another one of those snapons that I swear by. I’ll probably be giving a couple of those this christmas, though.

  8. Bob in IL says:

    I have an older version of the Easydrivers consider them worthwhile for woodworking projects.

    The large Easydriver works well for installing screws in harder woods. I place my palm over the large spherical handle and that causes less stress on my wrist than a conventional screwdriver handle.

    A drawback is that the shape and size of the Easydriver handle requires more room when storing it in a drawer or toolbox.

  9. Rebecca says:

    The new design has shafts that are spring loaded and will not fall out like the one I had back in the 80’s. I have artritis and can not imagine not having my easydriver in the kitchen drawer. I have a lot of other screwdrivers in the cabinet downstairs and never use them. It is well worth the money and the company is wonderful to deal with. Great Christmas gifts and all of my family feel the same way as I do. So easy to use and I find myself using it all of the time. (I am done with my shopping again this year thanks to the easydriver folks!) I don’t care about the sound it makes because it works.

  10. Stefanos says:

    the manufacturer’s site is down as of march 31.
    does anybody have an idea of what happened?

  11. Mary Lou Bougher says:

    Almost 40 years ago, I bought 2 sets of these. One was for my Dad and one for my husband. Pop loved his and my Hubby wouldn’t be without it. He uses it all the time. With the ball on it you get much better torque when tightening screws than you can with your hand alone and a regular screwdriver. Now that we both have some arthritis in our hands; it’s mucht more important than ever. He was just trying to tighten a screw in a hard-to-reach spot and it worked just as well. He said again for the umpteent time how much he would like to have another set to keep in the house. But we didn’t know where to get one. Today I thought EBay and the computer. Surely I could find one somewhere. Well I found the website and will be ordering him another one. Think I’ll get a set for our three sons too for hristmas. Fantastic screwdriver and hold up well.

  12. Teresa P. says:

    I bought an original ratchet screwdriver 32 years ago and still use it. The ratchet feature is great for a woman’s hand, especially when working on hard surfaces. I am certainly going to purchase two of these newer models, one for myself and one for my daughter. I look forward to receiving and using the tool.

  13. David E. says:

    I have the original Easydriver which I used from time to time – until the other day when it slipped off my 8 ft. step ladder. Then it broke into pieces when it hit my driveway. I’m still really po’d at myself for dropping this very handy tool. I think I bought the original Easydriver when it first came out – so I’ve had it for at least 35 years or more. I’ll miss my original Easydriver since I used it for screws where I needed the extra torque. However, I’m not sure I want to spend $30 for this new driver set! I’d like to see other manufacturers come out with something similar. I can’t remember what I paid for the original Easydriver, but it wasn’t all that much. If I could find an original for a fair price, I’d buy it in a heart beat! Very handy tool even if I only used it from time to time.

  14. Jeff says:

    I have had an original Easydriver for over 30 years. I don’t know if there were other manufacturers but mine was made by Creative Tools, Inc. in Bennington, VT. I don’t recall what I paid for it but it wasn’t expensive. I have used it regularly during the last 30 years and will continue to do so until it falls apart or I pass away, whichever comes first. Mine came with a little kit of 6 bits, 3 slotted bits and 3 Philips bits. It does use standard bits so I have had no problem replacing those that have become damaged. I have never had a problem with the shaft falling out or any other issues. It does provide tremendous torque for my average-sized hand and build – I remember putting up a storm door at one time with about a dozen screws, and I literally snapped off a couple of the screw heads without a lot of effort. You do have to be careful as I learned, but I wouldn’t be without it. I hope the new models are made as well as the original – if so, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tool to anyone who wants the convenience of a manual screwdriver and the power of a an electric.

  15. Richard says:

    Used my Easydriver for years.
    Bought the smaller one of the current set.
    Worried that the old one will break.
    Just bought the new gift set.
    Happy to see it’s back!
    Wish the small one was available separately, would like to give that one as gifts, even to the ladies!

  16. Paul F. Aarestad says:


  17. Sandra says:

    anyone an idea where I still can get those?

  18. Rich says:

    I still have my original from the early 70’s. A couple of the pressure tabs that hold in the shaft have broken over the years but other than that, mine works as good as when I originally bought it. I still use it a couple of times a week & I prefer it for any job requiring torque. I miss the accessory handle which fit over the ball providing even more torque control & extra bit storage. I loaned it out about 20 years ago & never got it back. Overall, it’s been the handiest tool I’ve ever owned.

  19. Michael says:

    I have recently lost my Easydriver that I received as a gift about 30 years ago. This was a valuable member of my tool collection and I’d love to have another. If anyone wants to sell theirs, please let me know:



  20. Dick Prior says:

    How can I obtain the Easydriver set please.Originally purchased this product in the UK in the 70`s – very usefull,
    Dick Prior UK

  21. Rich Klein says:

    I’ve had my original set for about 40 years too. I still use it a couple of times a week. I also would like to see them come back with the accessory handle. I loaned mine out about 25 years ago and it was never returned. I’ve broken off a couple of tabs that hold the shafts over the years but a little electrical tape folded over the end keeps the shaft in the ball. Mine uses regular bits too.

    • Rich Klein says:

      I just went to the Easydriver web site and there is an announcement that due to the economy, they are no longer producing the original. They still have some mini sets available so at least I could get one of those.

  22. Ed Tupin says:

    I have had an original easy driver for decades – back when the handle was red and black. One of the most useful tools I ever owned. Wish I could get another big one.

  23. John Bell says:

    Like Ed Tupin, I’ve had one of the red and black ones for about 30 years, given to me as a present when ther was an advertising campaign in UK. One of the best tools I’ve ever had. The grip is perfect for me and the ratchet still works perfectly, despite having been used for every possible job it would fit. On my version the bits and handle were loose (design flaw) and I’ve always been afraid I’d lose parts of it – but so far so good. I’ve never seen it advertised in UK since then. It’s good to know it’s still made.

  24. Bert says:

    I have had a easy driver for some years now Iforget where I got it from but I have arthritus in my hand and I have no trouble screwing in screws whitch I do a lot in my workshop where in sydney could Ibuy another one for my son by the way Iam 85 yrs old cheers bert

  25. I have owned your “Easydriver” for over 40 years now, What a wonderful tool!! Mine came in a plastic canaster, a base and a screwd in top piece. unfornutatly the top is discentrating. Would you be able to replace the canasters?? I’ll pay anything. I would also need a few new kits. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!!
    Very best regards.
    Greg Ferrari.

  26. marshall walker says:

    found mine in an estate – I love it and use it all the time around the office.

  27. Dan Aitch says:

    I’ve got (5) of the originals. The first one I received 30+ years ago as a gift.
    Picked up the others at flea markets and estate sales.
    (slight collecting / hoarding disorder…)
    Use them all the time.
    I found an odd lot a few weeks ago at an estate that had an assortment of extensions including a 9″ long hex extension that I have never seen before.
    Searched all over but did not find the ball though.

    I also have (3) of the minis, the odd one is a blue colored ball with a golf shoe cleat tool on it.
    Same design as the red minis.
    I did modify a couple of them years ago by tapping a small hole in the ball and adding grease with a syringe.
    Not sure if it did much but the one quit slipping under torque.
    Next thing I’m going to try is an O-ring in the area where the tabs have broken off.
    Just got to come up with the proper adhesive…

  28. Greg Pay says:

    I bought 2 of these, the full set with the big ball, and the 1/2 set with only the small driver. the company is going out of business and will close once stock is sold.
    easydrivertool.com is the company site.

  29. Brian Kenn says:

    My Easydriver* was a stocking stuffer from mom 30 years or more ago. Great to have a tool i still love that was made when they still made them well.Use it all the time but the wife loves it more for little projects around the house i let her do. yea that’s it.

  30. Joe says:

    I just came across a set. It has a metal case and someone made a wood board with slots to set the attachments in. It has the set of sockets as well as the screwdriver attachments. It looks very old but works like a charm. I might be willing to sell it if someone would like to make an offer. It is a red ball one and the patent # is 3,742,787.

    • laurel says:

      Do you still have your screwdriver….we have had ours since about 1978 and the end you use (black side) to loosen has stopped working. Are you still interested in selling it?

  31. Stucki P.R. says:

    I have the original Easydriver (this version did not use standard hex bits: It has a simple shaft with a slotted screwdriver on one end and a Phillips on the other) get from Salomom skibinding 40-45 years ago. For me it was the best screwdriver. Unfortunately this week the ratchet is not more working.
    I start to search in the Internet and found this site. so I will order a new one.

  32. Larry says:

    It’s a tragedy these are no longer made!! I have and use a lot of tools, and there is nothing that provides the torque of this screwdriver. Luckily I still have one, but would buy several more if I could get them.

  33. Bob says:

    Titan makes a ball handled ratcheting screwdriver, no idea how good or bad it is just noticed some on eBay today and checked that they were still in production

  34. Steve says:

    I have had an my Easydriver for over 30 years. Mine was made by Creative Tools Inc. Bennington VT. I have used it ever weekend for the last 30 years. It is starting to fall apart and I found this website as I am looking to purchase another. Can’t live without it.

  35. Charles Progar says:

    I am interested in purchasing a 1/4 and 3/8 drive socket extension to fit the Easydriver Ball. I think this tool would be nice for working on air cooled engines as well as other situations where a socket is needed.

  36. Ken Baker says:

    Best tool simply works brilliantly, Had mine for around forty years & works on really tough screws.
    Needs to be made available again
    All the best

  37. Judy says:

    We have one we bought in the 70’s and it is still going strong, recently a friend of ours seen it and would like one so I would be interested in buying one if they are as good as the one we have..

  38. Scott Herold says:

    I have loved my Easydriver for about 40 years. I’d buy several to give to friends if I knew where to get them.

  39. harry says:

    I’ve also had and used a couple of these for about 40 years. The last I used it was yesterday. I would love to buy a couple more sets.
    As far as some of the reviewers here go – they obviously don’t know how to use the tool. Someone said that they can’t get a grip with the tool – HUH? He must be trying to use the tool the way it shows in the picture – totally wrong. If you place the ball in the palm of your hand, like it’s designed, the amount of power transmitted to the shaft is HUGE.

    As far as not liking the tool because it’s “not sold by major distributors or retail outlets”, that is ridiculous. Kinda like saying that if your doctor doesn’t know about a particular treatment it must not work. Not so, I’m living proof of that.

  40. Judy says:

    Yes I love the one we have had for years and I think this set would still make a nice gift, I would even order another for myself since my hubby kidnapped the original one I bought for doing crafts, it hit his tool box and I haven’t seen it since except on occasion! Too bad he found it a year or so after I bought it!

  41. Normy says:

    I’ve had my easydriver set since mid 1970’s Love it. Still going strong. Would love to purchase another set, since over the years pieces have been lost.

  42. edualk says:

    Does anyone know whether the EasyDriver is still being manufatured and where it can be bought ?

  43. Dave says:

    Great tool. Grandpa bought me two sets in the mid-1970’s – a large and a small driver at a place called Builders Square (now out of business). I use them yet today when I do not want to drag out the cordless drill to drive screws and nuts. Each set is self contained in a clear tube which screws onto a base that has molded pockets which holds the various tools and bits. I just used it to drive some screws tonight and decided to google the company to see if they were still in business. It has been a great tool for so many years and I expect it to be a great tool for many more years to come.

  44. joe says:

    Have one inherited from my deceased mother, which I remember her buying in the 1970’s at a field day expo here in Australia. Red/black ball in moulded case with driver bits and sockets. I love the tool – would like to get my hands on another. Any idea where? Have been watching ebay, but have never seen an identical one.

  45. Gary Beals says:

    I received mine(EasyDriver-Combination Screw & Nut Driver Set)w/drive socket adapter, 6 nut-driver set screwdriver(bits included adapter.which came in heavy duty plastic case from a telehone customer of mine.I love it: have had it for 35 yrs; kept it in good shape.

  46. Paul H Dolton says:

    The ball allows you to put maximum pressure on the screw without hurting your hand, so the phillips don’t cam out. The large size handle allows more torque than any other driver. I can either get a screw out or twist it in half. I would not be with out this driver.This is not for every job but if you don’t have it with the hard fasteners your out of luck.

  47. John Vinay says:

    Wow lost mine in the 1970 cadillac rollover in 1981 lost my dad in 1996 inherited all his tools and sure enough in the bottom of a card board box was the easydriver! I remember using mine a few times before the theft wasn’t impressed with the sound,construction but did notice improvement in torque wow easy to tighten screws! Have full set with screw on enclosure to hold in place! I used it once on a skateboard work good for that have to be careful not to over torque the fastner though,did non like the sound of the ratchet sounds cheap but according to dozens of people they like it! Mom got two one for me and the other one for dad I think I was working at JCPENNY auto center I can also vaguely remember the Christmas morning unwrap of the easy driver mine is near mint cond my Dad was an engineer so he was pickey with his tools wood Kennedy tool box with the mirror inside in my closet! their both gone now tears rolling down as I write this I would never be here,sober 20 years,apartment business back on line,rock solid will power with their inspirational teachings and of course JC make it all possible! I like going to these old tools websites so many memories! Still have the first pair of plyers from Crescent Tools and the uni-flexx extension made by Mac tools!well just got new tenants so I have to put new locks on the doors before they can move in gotta-go Happy Holidays God Bless,stay safe!

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