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One of the biggest complaints I hear when the word “Shopsmith” is brought up is cost. It’s true SS products can be a little on the pricey side, but being the cheap bastard I am I can’t bring myself to send the cash down the $80-a-pop hole that is the Shopsmith saw blade product line. That’s where the 5/8” Saw Arbor comes in.

The 5/8” arbor takes the normal model 500 series SS and opens you up to the wondrous world that is modern blade technology. So instead of being stuck with the brand-specific blades your new arbor fits the blades you might find on the self at the local bog box.

The arbor itself has a $19 sting to it but as far as I’m concerned it’s well worth the cash to be able to use whatever blade I like.

5/8″ Saw Arbor Part 555321 [Shopsmith]


5 Responses to Saving Cash With An Arbor

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    I just recently hit this as well. I got a SS 510 (off craig’s list) this summer. The first thing I did was get 2 arbors. One for my dado and a regular one so I can use all my existing saw blades.

    Love it. And so far, so good.

  2. cheap bastard II says:

    I almost always cut 3/4 inch (or less) stock so I use mostly 7 ¼ blades on my shopsmith.

  3. Rpbert says:

    19 dollars eh?, for an incert yes but the Arbor is now 31.99
    Getting tired of shopsmith prices, considering selling mine.

  4. Larry Hurt says:

    I just ran across this article. Do you sell the 5/8 arbors that fits shopsmith? Also do you sell the arbor for Dado blades

  5. hartley says:

    the hardware for the chisel bit holder seems to be only held on the quill by half an inch. Is there a way to get the drill press stop choke moved up the quill. Seems to be pressed on with two pins.

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