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I’ll admit that most heat guns look the same. This one makes hot air (adjustable from 120 to 1100 degrees F) and offers a nice nozzle protector to keep the heat on the project and off your hands. You can also kind of see at the bottom a swing-out hook that makes the gun easier to store hanging up. But what really caught my eye is this: for this model DeWalt separated some of the internal components “to allow maintenance on both the motor and heating element.”

I’ll also admit that I don’t know which components (beyond the motor and heating element) are now separate, but I do know that for a pro user, repairability is important. Unlike homeowners, hobbyists, and DIYers who’ll use the gun only once in a while, pros will run these suckers non-stop. But they’ll also often shell out well over $100 for a high-end digital model. DeWalt’s runs a paltry $70 online.

Would you repair your $70 heat gun or just replace it? For that matter, if you’re a pro, would you take this over a $150 model? Or as a DIYer, would you step up to this from your $35 cheap-o gun? Let us know in comments.

Heat Gun, Model D26950 [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


8 Responses to DeWalt’s New(ish) Heat Gun

  1. Mike lee says:

    I don’t use my heat gun much, so I just keep the cheapo!

  2. Jason says:

    I’ll stick to my HarborFreight heat guy… $8.95 same as in town.

  3. rjerryc says:

    I have 2 heat guns – I have no idea why. Anyway, one is a Do-It-Best hardware brand and the other is HF that I scored for four bucks on a big sale. They both work equally well and do everything I need them to do. The only problem is that I still don’t know why I have two!

  4. Rob says:

    I have a good one but I don’t remember buying it (it was that long ago)
    I use it in a profesional capacity once and a while to bend pvc
    pipe it goes in stints I’ll have a whole bunch of pvc work
    then none for month then a bunch

    but I could do the same job with a cheepo
    I don’t adjust the heat and can’t think of any other function
    worth noting on a heat gun

  5. Brau says:

    A good example of function following form. I would never but this model simply because of the D-handle, which serves no useful purpose but possibly to get in the way when poking into corners.

  6. Tim says:

    Hey Chuck, do you know anywhere I could buy one of these heat guns?
    I have been looking everywhere with not much luck.
    I noticed the street price link to toolsforless had a 10-15 shipping window.
    Thank you for your time.

  7. ned.ludd says:

    Heat guns – good for two things:

    1. Heat shrink tubing (duh)

    2. stripping components off of circuit boards…

  8. Dahatta says:

    I am a professional window tinter and vinyl wrap artist. The cheapo guns that only reach 1k heat won’t do the job I need them to. Stuck spending 100s and after about a month they break. If this gun had higher temperatures yes I’d give it a shot.

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