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After all the prepping and painting is over, you still have to clean your equipment. Ryobi is looking to make that last step a little easier with its paint brush cleaner. Plug in the cleaner, fill it with water or thinner, and it’ll supposedly clean any brush up to 3″ wide in a few seconds.

What’s more, they claim the cleaner will make your brushes last longer and perform better. Soft brushes rotate at 950RPM to “gently” clean the inserted paint brush. The 10″ x 11″ x 12″ cleaner weighs 4 lbs. and can hold up to 1 gallon of cleaning fluid.

The paint brush cleaner only seems to be available online at Home Depot for $30, but at least it looks like there’s free shipping.

Paint Brush Cleaner [Ryobi]
Paint Brush Cleaner [Home Depot]

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14 Responses to Ryobi Wants To Clean Your Paint Brushes

  1. fred says:

    I can’t imagine seeing my painting sub using one of these – and for home use would cleaning this after it cleans the brush result in any saving of time?

  2. Painter Jeff says:

    Now…..If it would clean 5 brushes at a time and last two weeks between cleaning solution changing, I would be interested.

  3. Old Coot says:

    I’m waiting for a paint brush cleaner that uses a laser.

  4. Brau says:

    And I bet Ryobi will be happy to sell you replacement cleaner brushes too.

    Gotta wonder how well it would clean the paint from the inner bristles without some sort of pump or spinner.

  5. dexm says:

    I hate cleaning brushes, so would welcome a “magic” machine, but Ryobi makes
    some pretty horrible stuff. That detail sander they made was a horrible tool. Didn’t do a damn thing.

  6. Gough says:

    I have to agree with dexm on this one. I’ve been painting professionally for 36 years and have thought about a machine to do this work, but I don’t think this is it. Like dexm, I tried Ryobi’s detail sander, but I disagree with him that it didn’t do a thing. It gave me occupational white hand something fierce. This has been renamed HAVS, or Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrone, and is caused by excessive vibration in handheld tools. I’ve used the Fein detail sander/saw for 10+ years with no problems: that;s the difference quality makes.

  7. ruiz says:

    i ve painting house for long time i dont sure about that any way when my invention the aqua wire brush will be much better reason you can attach the water hose in the back to flush the water and do you want more when the wire britsles are old o broken you dont need buy whole wire brsuh thanks for you time.

  8. TB says:

    This product does not work.

    It does not clean the heel /ferrule of the brush.

    TTI – Ryobi should be ashamed…they are taking your money $30 at a time.

    There is a cleaner coming on the market soon, that will clean your brush from tip to heel – -TOTALLY CLEAN like new in 90 seconds.

    Look for it….it will be worth it.

  9. Mark says:

    Whatr happens with the dirty wash water after the brush(es) are cleaned- does it get poured in the ground , or dumped down a drain? Not very enviro-friendly, especially if you are cleaning solvent (alkyd paint) with mineral spirits.

  10. Ego says:

    they stole this idea from my FATHER!! Never trust inventhelp!!!

  11. JD says:

    Noisy but actually works. Just let it sit in there for a good 2 minutes. Replace the water and repeat. Smaller brushes and those with not much paint on them clean even faster..although those could easily just be done by hand.

  12. Tim says:

    I loved my cleaner but it died last week I am looking for a replacement any suggestions

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