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Frank Ford, a luthier of some renown for Gryphon Stringed Instruments has a section of his website Frets.com devoted to home shop machining tips and projects. Many of the projects are related to his production of replacement parts for various guitars and other stringed instruments, while others are just general machining projects. His projects are far from run of the mill, including such things as making rope knurls, a 19mm tap,  or his latest, knurling 3′ of drill rod. The man is a master machinist and has the great ability to document his projects clearly with great photographs. It’s well worth procrastinating for a couple of hours and checking out all of his work, especially if you do any instrument repair.


5 Responses to Frets.com Machinist Projects: A Great Resource

  1. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the great link.
    There goes the day…

  2. DocN says:

    One comment? A site with several hundred cool tips, tricks, builds, mods and writeups, that even make experienced machinists go “why didn’t I think of that?”, and it gets one comment?

    For those that think you have to be a machinist to learn from “machinist” projects, give it another look. There’s several dozen bits that work for all shops; file storage, bandsaw mods, bench vise mods, organizational tips…


  3. @DocN:

    I have to admit that when I first skimmed this article I clicked on the frets.com link and saw that it was mostly about musical instruments and didn’t really go much more that 1/2 way down the page since I really couldn’t be less interested.

    After seeing your comment I actually read the post and clicked the “home shop machining tips and projects” link actually found what Nick was talking about.

    For what my opinion is worth, maybe you should put the link that was critical to your article at the bottom of the post, otherwise it just get lost among the too many other links in the text.

  4. Jaxx says:

    Yess this is an awsome collection of tidbits, hope we dont give this guy a massive bandwitdth bill though!

  5. Harley says:

    I have just spent the better part of the last hour reading about and looking at pictures of Frank’s shop, tools and work. Absolutely fantastic. A great resource for most any tool monger. Even if you aren’t a machinist and don’t have access to all the tools that Frank has you are still bound to pick up on something that you can apply to your own shop and projects.

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