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In the recent post Tool Pr0n: Would You Pay $280 For A Brace?, reader PutnamEco mentioned Protool — a company that sells tools in Australia, but not in the U.S. Seems like our friends down-under see a lot of tools we don’t here in the states. One product they sell which you won’t see anytime soon is their unique ProJet mixing system which looks more like a modern art project than a mixer.

Supposedly the ProJet mixing rods use the same principle as jet engine turbines. Three cones create an intense flow without introducing air into the mixture, which allows you to quickly and completely mix most materials without foaming.

Protool sells two different mixers: the ProJet Color and the ProJet Uni. The Color is for mixing low viscosity materials like paints and stains, while the Uni will mix almost all materials except concrete, including adhesives, soft mortar, and plasters.

The ProJet Color comes in 80mm and 120mm diameters and the ProJet Uni comes in 140mm, 160mm, and 180mm diameters. There’s no information on pricing, but if you don’t live in Australia you probably can’t buy it anyway.

ProJet Mixing System [Protool]

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4 Responses to Mix With Jet Engine Technology

  1. PutnamEco says:

    TTS Tooltechnic Systems is the parent of both Festool and Protool along with Tanos(manufactures systainers) and Schneider Airsytems. Available in most of the world, not just Australia. Try adding .de instead of .au to their domain name, posted the au site for English language readers. Protool is marketed to professional builders vs Festool which is marketed to woodworkers.
    if your interested in Australian woodworking, I would recommend Stu’s Shed, a blog by an Australian woodworker. Google woodworkforums for an Australian wood workers forum.

    I also like drill powered paint mixers, my current favorite is the Homax squirrel mixer.(http://www.squirrelmixer.com/) I would probably have Protools mixer to go along with my other mixers if they offered them here. I’m also quite fond of my traditional Goldblatt mud and paint mixers

  2. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    I want this… it would be an unholy nightmare to clean quicksetting drywall compound out of, I’ve got some lackeys that could use the character building…

  3. browndog77 says:

    Bob the DW guy-
    Will you hire my son?

  4. bob says:

    I use a squirrel mixer.

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