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Attach one of these variable angle swivels to an air tool or air hose and it’ll allow it to move more freely, or so Milton claims. The fitting allows the hose to both swivel and bend farther than a rigid coupling without kinking. It’s not mentioned in the available information, but presumably there’s a ball fitting of some type under the flexible rubber boot.

Besides 1/4″ MNPT to 1/4″ M-style plug, the swivels come in 1/4″ MNTP to MNTP, 1/4″ MNTP to FNTP, and 3/8″ MNTP to 1/4″ M-Style plug.  Any of these chrome-plated variable angle swivels will run you $6 before tax or shipping.

Milton [Website]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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2 Responses to Stop Fighting With Your Air Hose

  1. Phil says:

    I have a couple (no pun intended) of these fitted to my die grinders. They are not Miltons, but are of a similar design, minus the rubber boot. Indeed there is a ball-and-socket joint that allow for some angular movement. It’s not a lot, maybe about 30 degrees total, but it’s enough to give a little bit more freedom of movement to the tool, something handy when using a small tool like a die grinder.

  2. Toolaremia says:

    I like the ball-and-socket approach. Especially with the boot and reasonable price. I have a “whip” with this type of joint on my cutoff tool and like it.

    I’ve also found these from Harbor Fright to be very useful, allowing more movement than the ball-and-socket. They have proven to be rugged on my impact gun and air ratchet, but they do leak a bit of air.

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